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XVI Brazilian Cassava Congress: food security and income generation

The cassava culture is of great social and economic importance, making up a fundamental part of the diet of the population, mainly of low income, of the tropical countries. In Latin America and Central America, it had its domestication with the indigenous peoples and today it has great importance in the food security of these regions. Despite its high potential for production, the cassava crop is at the margin of technological development in relation to other agricultural commodities. In Brazil, in the northern and northeastern regions, this crop is cultivated with low technological level, basically for subsistence. In the center-south region, it is cultivated for industrialization, being more technified, with the use of machines and inputs.

In this context, the Brazilian Cassava Congress (CBM), carried out by the Brazilian Cassava Society (SBM), is currently one of the main forums for the production of different production systems, between the north and northeast regions and the south-central region. of the agents of the cassava production chain, represented by institutions of education, research, technical assistance and extension, vegetal defense, agricultural producers and entrepreneurs. It is also an opportunity to present innovations generated in the machinery and equipment sector and to raise and prospect new demands of interest to the sector.

Considering the importance of this crop for Latin America, in the XV Brazilian Cassava Congress, held in Salvador / BA, in a meeting with representatives of Clayuca, a consortium for the development of culture, which 17 the 16º Brazilian Congress of Cassava, the 1 Latin American and Caribbean Congress of Cassava, with the proposal that this institution assumes the accomplishment of the event in a biannual way in the different countries where the cultivation is important.

The theme proposed for the event was Integration: food security and income generation and aims to introduce new technologies, enable the exchange of knowledge and the exchange of information and facilitate contact between the various countries that cultivate this culture.

We invite you to participate with us in this event, update your knowledge, make new contacts and know the innovations of the production chain. The field day, at the end of the event, together with the exhibition of machines and products, will be unique opportunities to know the most modern in cassava cultivation.

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