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Did you know that Paraguay also has Cataracts? Well, almost nobody knows, but it does!

Located in the city of Presidente Franco, a few minutes away from Cuidad del Este, the Monday Dives are 3 dazzling falls with 40 meters high that form the Rio Monday, which in Guarani means water that rolls.

The Municipal Park Saltos del Monday is in the middle of a native forest and has a great structure for walkways, trails, lookouts and snack bar.

For those who like adventure, the park also offers a circuit of zipline and tree climbing. For the more radical, the 40 meters of walls favor the practice of abseiling side by side of the waterfalls.

Now if you are looking for a quiet stroll with the family, the park is also perfect because it has a large green area ideal for hiking, picnics and a quiet moment to rest in contact with nature.

Even with all beauty, the heels do not get much publicity because usually the attention is focused on the waterfalls of Iguaçu.


Arriving in Cuidad del Este, are only 3 kilometers by the avenues San Blas, Alejo Garcia, Alejo Garcia and Bernadino Caballero until Presidente Franco.

For those who are on foot you have the option to hire the transport with some tourism agency or take a taxi.

Opening Hours

From Monday to Sunday, from 07h30 to 18h00.

Did you know that Paraguay also has Cataracts? Well, almost nobody knows, but it does!

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