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You can not miss these tours in Iguazu Falls

In addition to the magnificent falls that are visited annually by thousands of people from all over the world, Iguazu Falls also provides the visitor with other incredible walks within the Falls, let's get to know them

The Falls is one of the 7 wonders of nature, with the magnitude of its falls, it is the most important point of Foz do Iguaçu, especially of those who see from outside, and all who visit the city find a way to reserve a moment to meet it, and it's worth it, but did you know there are other tours you can do within waterfalls of Iguaçu? If not (and if yes too), accompany me that today I'll show you and talk a little about each one of them, I doubt you do not want to do.


You can not miss these tours in Iguazu Falls

(Photo: Held by Helisul)

Surely you imagined getting to know the Falls, seeing the Quatis passing you by, arriving on the catwalk and getting all wet with the waters of the falls of the Falls, but knowing the Falls above it? As well? of Helicopter.

The Helisul Air Taxi allows you to enjoy the scenery and the beauty of the Iguassu Falls from a completely different angle, that is. They provide a ride that takes you by helicopter to fly over the Falls and see closely one of 7's wonders of nature in a very special way.

Macuco Safari

You can not miss these tours in Iguazu Falls

(Photo: Transferred by attraction - Macuco Safari)

Ah! The Macuco, who goes on the Falls can not in any way fail to do this tour, and is certainly the most adventurous attraction of all. The tour consists of several stages.

1ª step: The tour begins with access through an electric vehicle opened by 6km inside the forest, allowing anyone in the vehicle to enjoy the visions that fauna and flora provide to those who visit the Iguassu National Park.

2ª step: After traveling almost all the forest, the group travels 600 more meters of foot trail, until arriving in a waterfall called Salto Macuco, in the way it is possible to see several animals that live inside the Park, like the armadillos, quatis, monkeys and others.

3ª step (and last): We arrived in the most way part of the tour of the Macuco Safari. In that part the group that must have at most 23 to 25 participants, enter an inflatable boat, but with all the safety requirements for who wants to play in yet another adventure.

All visitors receive a life jacket and are taken to know the strength of the Falls of Iguazu Falls in a different and memorable way.

This tour is accessible for people with disabilities, mainly wheelchair users. People of all ages can take part in the tour.

Bananeira Trail

You can not miss these tours in Iguazu Falls

(Photo: Transferred by attraction - Iguaçu Falls)

For those who want to have a calmer ride, to establish more conato with nature, but even so to enjoy every minute in Foz do Iguaçu, it is worth doing this trail.

The walk of the Bananeiras Trail is a trail in the middle of the Iguaçu National Park with 1,5km extension, it can be done by electric vehicle and also on foot for those who have more time and wishes to observe more closely the fauna and flora native to the park, is beautiful.

After the trail, the tour continues by motor boat along the top of the Iguaçu River, arrives at the dock of Poço Preto, there visitors can meet the casamata of more than 10 meters high, then the observation of the lagoon of the alligators, the next stop is in the Archipelago Ilha das Taquaras.

The return to the wharf of Bananeiras can be done by inflatable kayaks (ducks), which gives you a quieter ride and greater appreciation of the local vegetation.

Black Well Trail - Ecological Safari

You can not miss these tours in Iguazu Falls

(Photo: Free Stock Images - pixabay)

This trail is very special, it takes you to the past of a culture that you probably did not live in, the native Indians of that region, they used this trail to circumvent Iguazu Falls.

They are 9km of trail that can be done on foot, electric car or bicycle. Nowadays the Black Well Trail is defined as an Ecological Safari.

It starts on a footbridge of 360 meters that follows the dirt track, which passes through the forest, where you can clearly appreciate the local fauna and flora.

At the end of the trail you can enjoy the casamata that has at the river's edge and the lake of alligators, which has a great diversity of aquatic animals and some birds.

From this place starts a ride in a motor boat that takes the visitor for a trip to the Iguassu River, has the optional duck kayak ride, pay close attention to this part of the tour, as it is when you pass through the island of the parrots, usually at sunset the parrots usually contemplate the landscape with its lush colors.

After the tour you can choose to disembark at the Bananeiras Trail or at Porto Canoas.

Porto Canoas

You can not miss these tours in Iguazu Falls

(Photo: Ceded by attractive - Porto Canoas)

I'm sure that after a day full of adventure and fun that hunger, after all, people are not iron, and it's good to have a little snack at the time.

O Restaurant Porto Canoas provides a great buffet visitors, with great variety in hot and cold dishes, is a great request before or after a tour with a lot of adventure.

What impresses most about this restaurant is not only the quality of the dishes, but its view. The restaurant faces a privileged view of the Iguaçu River, which precedes the falls.

Tip of the day: When going on any of these trips, do not forget to take a light snack, a bottle of water, always wear sunscreen, a backpack with a change of clothes and extra slip-up shoes, do not forget to Go in light clothes like shorts, T-shirt and a super comfortable sneakers, these are golden tips, so do not forget in any way.

Tickets for the tours

Straight on attractive

Each ride has a part ticket to enjoy them (which is well worth it), the ticket for them can be bought directly at the attraction.

In the Iguassu Combo

Tickets for each attraction and transportation to the Iguazu National Park, you can buy with Combo Iguassu, a company very committed to the safety and comfort of its customers.

The Combo Iguassu always has promotional values ​​the attractions of the city and constantly assembling packages of tours that best meet the needs of those who want to tailor the tours to their travel time.

One of the Combo agencies is located attached to our hotel, the Hotel Tarobá, which is a great option to stay, check direct prices with the reservations industry, in person, by phone or whatsapp also.

Is this for today folks, did you like the rides? Bóra then plan to do them the next time you come to Foz do Iguaçu, you will not regret it, especially if you like a good adventure. Kisses, and have a great trip to Foz do Iguaçu and a wonderful stay with us, see you later.