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Do you already know the Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú?

Do you already know the Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú?

The Duty Free Shop is huge and probably the best place to buy imported products here at the border, the mall is divided into sectors: toys, bags, drinks, perfumes, chocolates and sweets, clothes and more !!!

The mall is beautiful, has free parking, and has themed decorations in each of its sectors.

In the sweets, chocolates and other goodies, you can find a wide variety of national and imported (as well as delicious) products, incredible news, items you probably did not even know existed, such as Willy Wonka products. The decoration of this sector is all colored, as if you really were in the movie '' The Fantastic Chocolate Factory '', do not forget to know this sector, it is ideal for lovers of sweets.

Do you already know the Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú?

The electronic products perhaps it is one of the most sought after, the decor is modern and futuristic. There you find almost everything you are looking for, Nintendo, Apple, GoPro, Samsung and others, there always is something new and you can try some products to see the operation and arouse your interest.

Do you already know the Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú?

And the mall is a perfect programming for the whole family, you can take the whole kids to enjoy the space of the toy industry, and not only the children, adults are also amazed by so many toys and so much modernity, and various brands, Hasbro, Mattel, LEGO and many others, worth knowing !!!

It also has the makeup, which has the most famous and renowned brands in the world, many options of bases, lipsticks, rímeis, correctives. You will not want to miss a walk there. The decor is fully themed and inspired.

Do you already know the Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú?

And for those who are really passionate about makeup, Duty Free Shop has an EXCLUSIVE store by MAC, is wonderful, with many makeups, many colors, lipsticks beautiful and with great texture and coverage, who is a fan of the brand can not fail to know this store inside the Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú.

And right next to the make-up industry, you find the perfumes, of different brands, singers, actors, the most fragrant environment of the whole mall. Some models have in the Duty and you do not find in any store in Paraguay, and much more in account than several stores.

For those who like to drink something stronger, they also offer the liquor, you can find several national drinks, imported, aged, known, famous and strong and in the same sector, also have some Cuban cigars and other countries. Also always has tasting of alcoholic novelties.

Do you already know the Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú?

The Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú also has a sector that offers only wines, red wines, dried, soft, table wines, aged, national, imported and others. There are several wines, even if not a fan, worth knowing.

These are just some of the sectors that you will find in the Duty Free Shop in Puerto Iguazú, there are several others, such as: sporting goods, bars located inside Shopping, women's, men's and children's clothing of several world-famous brands, sportive articles and much more. Do not miss to know !!!

A very important tip: Make your currency exchange in pesos and still here in the city of Foz do Iguaçu. Duty Free Shop accepts Argentine dollar and peso, but the currency Argentina it is more feasible and economical to do your shopping.

If you are driving, you will need the green card to get to Duty Free.

But if you are staying at Tarobá Hotel, you will have free Duty Free transportation! That's right, the best three-star hotel in the city offers free transportation, contact the tourist agency located inside the hotel, the Combo Iguassu, and make your reservation, vacancies are limited, transportation leaves daily from 17h30 and returns 20h00.