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Vintage Air Rally, aviation championship, will pass through Foz do Iguaçu!

Do you like airplanes? Then you will love this news!

On 1 November, in Ushuaia, Argentina, begins the event that brings together several planes made in the early 1900 years, the international competition will pass through Brazil too!

The Brazilian cities that can see the passing planes are Bento Gonçalves (RS), Caçador (SC) and Foz do Iguaçu (PR), respectively on days 14,15 and 16. These dates are perfect to visit the main tourist attractions, such as the Itambezinho Canyon (RS) and the Iguaçu Falls (PR).

Source: Announcement Beatrice De Smet / Vintage Air Rally

The event, as said before, begins in Ushuaia, Argentina and will end in December 14 in the United States! It will last 44 days and will cover more than 14 thousand kilometers between Argentina and the North of the United States!

"It's 1920, 1930, brought back not only to passionate but to all the curious who see these aircraft in movies, but never had the chance to get close to one," says the director and founder of the competition, Sam Rutherford.

Source: Announcement Beatrice De Smet / Vintage Air Rally

The event is super interesting for those who like airplanes or for those who just want to go and take a look at the aircraft just out of curiosity!


Around 675 teams from 73 countries applied, with pilot and co-pilot, only 15 double were chosen, from 12 different nationalities, including a Brazilian, composed by aviators Eddy Eipper and Rodrigo Damboriarena.

Source: Announcement Beatrice De Smet / Vintage Air Rally

Airplanes will make a series of stops and each one of them, people who like airplanes, or just want to see one up close, can take photos inside the aircraft.

There will be a great opportunity for autonomous pilots, who, if they have access to their private planes, will be able to carry out any of the sections of the competition among the fifteen competing teams.

Follow here below the video about what will be this aviation championship!

Do not miss this opportunity to know the Iguazu Falls and to see the planes flying over our wonder of nature.

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Vintage Air Rally, aviation championship, will pass through Foz do Iguaçu!

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