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Travel with a baby or child by plane: Rules and tips on how to get on with the little ones!

What are the rules and tips for embarking with the little ones?

Traveling with a baby or child by plane: What are the rules and tips for embarking with the little ones?

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Documentation on domestic domestic flights:


To travel with baby by plane:

For newborns (1 and 7 days old): In addition to the identification documentation (ID or Original Birth Certificate), on the LATAM airline for example, you must carry a medical permit and a mother's signature authorizing the carriage.


To travel with children by plane:

According to Anac in the case of children any official document that allows their identification is accepted, even being certified copies of these documents. (Ex. ID, Birth Certificate, or other document valid for children with incomplete 12 years).

In addition to the basic documents that prove the relationship or affiliation of the child with his / her flight companion.

Teens or children under 18:

Already for over 12 years of identification is required valid throughout the national territory, according to the law for adolescents is not valid Birth Certificate or The Student Card for boarding!

Between 12 and 18 years (On domestic flights only) the teenager may travel without permission of the guardians. Children under 12 are already subject to legal requirements.

To know more:

For more questions on this subject of documentation and more specifications on boarding children, consult the official website of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) or consult the airline you will use in advance, or check what the Statute of the Child says. and the teenager! And the demands of the Childhood and Youth Court at the location of your boarding!

Documentation on international flights:

According to ANAC for international flights for children under 18 years, the ticket, the identification document and the authorization of parents in two ways are required.


• ID (Identity Card)

• Birth certificate

• Brazilian passport, which proves the relationship of the child with the largest accompanied by it.

In addition to this identification, you need the notarized parental authorization, below are the rules in Resolution 131 of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) of 26 May 2011:

• Children or adolescents traveling with only one parent or guardian must have written permission from the other.

• Minors traveling with other adults need permission from parents or legal guardians.

• The parent who does not travel with the child must authorize the boarding in writing, ie both must sign and authorize.

Child up to 2 years pay ticket?

Traveling with a baby or child by plane: What are the rules and tips for embarking with the little ones?

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According to Anac, no airline has an obligation to discount or not charge the transport of lap children, that is, children under 2 can be charged.

However for domestic flights many companies like GOL (at the age of 1 year and 11 months) and LATAM do not charge shipping of children under 2, as long as they share the seat with the guardian!

For international flights, a fee equivalent to a percentage of an adult will be charged for the child's transportation!

How long can the baby travel?

When we talk about kids it's easy to imagine traveling with them when they're bigger, but what about when they're babies? Or newborns? How long can the baby travel?

Generally speaking, according to some pediatricians, there is no minimum age set for traveling with babies, so from the earliest days you can travel with your little ones.

Of course the baby needs to have the proper medical clearance for this.

How old can a baby travel by plane?

Already on air travel some airlines set the rule at least 14 days old, but the usual is from 7 days to be able to board the small!

However, only non-sign power can, after all, a baby in its early days is very vulnerable, raising antibodies and all. So a recommendation of how many months a baby can travel by plane at least is from 3 months of life!

In addition, parents will be much more prepared with their baby's routine, needs and customs. Knowing when they sleep, eat, cry or what time to do their hygiene. This will make it harder for you to deal with the little one on that long plane trip.

How to travel with children and babies: What should I bring on the plane trip?

Having a small child always needs special planning, and that does not leave out airplane travel, see now what to carry inside the plane in your carry-on bag or backpack for your baby or child!

Remembering that there are specific rules for what you can carry in your handbag and your backpack for national and international travel, consult the regulation by contacting your airline!

Don't know what is forbidden to carry in your handbag inside the plane on national trips? Here's what you can and can't carry in your carry-on bag!

Traveling with a baby or child by plane: What are the rules and tips for embarking with the little ones?

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Space, convenience and times:

Now that you know how many months a baby can travel by plane, you'll need tips on how to travel with a baby by plane or how to travel with a child by plane:

Try to get seats in the front row by telling the airline you can try to get them to have more space with your lap child. In addition, some airlines offer a seat, crib or baby comfort service on airplanes, where with advance booking and inclusive fare you can get a special seat (Consult the airline beforehand and see if this is available!)

Traveling at night is the parents' favorite time for their children to fall asleep and sleep most of the time on the flight, the advantage of a short commute is to get the "sleep" time where the child ends up sleeping even in the daytime.

Medication and tissues:

Traveling with a child by plane and traveling with a baby by plane may have unforeseen circumstances and needs, so it is essential that you carry in your carry-on medicine or medication that your child needs or may need, such as pain, fever, allergy, chronic disease or other types he needs to have around. But always remember transportation regulations, medications are only accepted in a handbag in two ways: prescription and non-prescription.

Always carry wet wipes in the bag, do not forget the cloths or diapers to clean the baby!

Clothes and diapers:

How to travel with children and babies:

Carrying a change of clothes in the suitcase for the child is very good, they usually need to change, especially if the flight is long or if the child happens to be subjected to the trip.

Children may be more likely to feel cold, taking a blanket or small blanket never hurts!

Never forget to carry an adequate number of diapers and try to ask the flight attendant where you can change them on the aircraft, usually if you have a specific changing table or diaper!

Food and water:

As we know, kids always love goodies that can be bought on duty free air.

But carrying lighter and healthier foods is best recommended during the flight, taking that child's favorite fruit or packing baby's baby food or bottle well (which can often be heated in the airplane's kitchen, you only need to politely ask a commissioner). Bringing the famous bottle of water to quench thirst is another important tip.

Also remember to have trash bags in your bag for the disposal of these foods! And how long can the baby travel to know the exact foods to take!

Toys and pacifiers:

How to travel with children:

Bring something that distracts your child, as we know children are often more anxious and agitated than adults, so besides calming her down at the beginning of the flight, another option during the trip is to take those things that make her more peaceful.

Like your pacifier, favorite toy or new one for your exploration, electronic gadget like mobile phone or tablet with those little games or videos for your age on youtube, but don't just leave it on your mobile, bring little children's books, comics, notebooks Coloring or doodling for the child to really get stuck and not get too restless.

Baby carriage:

Considering how long the baby can travel, he still needs the stroller is not it?

According to Anac rules this equipment is included in the list of equipment considered as technical assistance and must be transported free of charge, within one piece per person and taken to the passenger cabin. Unless the dimensions of equipment or aircraft make it impossible to carry it in the cabin, they must be carried by the baggage compartment, checked as checked baggage.

Traveling with babies and kids where to go?

Traveling with a baby or child by plane: What are the rules and tips for embarking with the little ones?

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While small, babies require a lot of effort and attention from parents and this also affects their outings. But that doesn't mean you can't adapt it to the rides you and your family will do.

In the first months the baby will need walks that do not fight with their breastfeeding routine, rest and naps. So traveling with babies on your lap or in your strollers calls for quieter rides, where you have the right places for breaks and sanitation.

Already older children, close to 2 have more energy and can do more activities, take them on sightseeing, busier places, with contact with nature may be a good option.

As we are from Foz do Iguaçu we would have thousands of recommendations for you to put this experience in the sights here, such as the Iguazu Falls which is a unique trip through the most famous waterfalls in Brazil, or another incredible contact with nature knowing the park. of birds.

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