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Come to Foz do Iguaçu this Easter, and enjoy this family holiday!

You know what you're doing at Easter?

How about a 3 family trip in Foz do Iguaçu?

Easter is one of the tastiest holidays of the year. And Christmas is also clear!

After all, who does not love chocolate?

Want to know why Easter eggs and chocolate have become the symbol of that date so important to us?

Here are some curiosities about Easter:

Easter bunny! How did it come about?

Come to Foz do Iguaçu this Easter, and enjoy this family holiday!

(Photo courtesy Image Bank - Pixabay)

The images of the rabbit is attached to this commemorative date, as the rabbit represents fertility, as it reproduces easily and in large quantities. The ancient people believed that fertility was synonymous with better living conditions or preservation of the species, since at that time the mortality rate was much higher than it is today. In ancient Egypt, for example, the rabbit represented birth and the hope of new lives.

What does fertility have to do with the religious meanings of Easter after all? In both Jewish and Christian meaning, the date is related to the hope of a new life, and Easter eggs, too, are in this context of fertility and life.

The Easter Bunny was brought to America by the German immigrants, where a great celebration of the calendars was established until the present day.

What does Easter mean?

The earliest Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ on this date (celebration of their soul joining their body again). The commemoration was held on the Sunday following the full moon following the Spring Equinox (March 21).

Easter Week among Christians, is one of the Catholic traditions linked to the week before Easter. This week begins on Palm Sunday that marks the arrival of Jesus in the city of Jerusalem.

In the Hebrew the term Pesach means "passage, leap or leap", which is related to the liberation of the Jewish people.

Already in the Paska is derived from the Greek, already the term Passover, comes from the Latin, that has from religious origin the meaning "food", that is to say, the end of the fast of the Lent in Holy Week.

And in English, Easter means Passover, is closely linked to the pagan cults of the fertility goddess of Norse and Germanic mythology Eostre.

Rabbit and colored eggs are said to have emerged from this theory, for they are symbols of Goddess Eostre's renewal.

Pascal Holiday

Have you thought about what you are going to do on Good Friday?

How about taking this holiday to rest, get out of the routine of day to day, and have new experiences with your family, in the best way possible. It's only three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to enjoy the family.


Did you know that the origin of the myth known as "Friday 13" that is related as a day of bad luck has one of its origins at Easter. After all, at the Last Supper, there were 13 people at the table and Jesus was crucified on a Friday.

Foz do Iguaçu is one of the cheapest destinations to visit in Brazil, and the second most visited in the country, the Iguazu Falls fortunately attracts the attention of many tourists during the year.

Enjoy, now in the low season, hotel prices are great, enjoy this holiday to know Foz do Iguaçu with your family and get dazzled by the Iguazu Falls.

We at Hotel Tarobá are one of the most complete 3 hotels in Foz and region, with a privileged location in the center of Foz do Iguaçu, the Tarobá prizes for the good service, comfort and modernity of our guests.

How about taking an international trip without leaving the country?

Foz do Iguaçu gives you this privilege, the options of tours are enormous, besides being able to enjoy the free time and to know Paraguay, you can still do some shopping in Ciudad del Este, such? And take advantage to buy the Easter eggs for a much more affordable price than in Brazil.

For you who want to relax, Foz is perfect, to help you here are some options of tours, to enjoy in this small adventure of 3 days!

If you want to know Iguazu Falls and have a more panoramic view of the more than 270 waterfalls, I recommend that you fly over this stunning tour on one of the 7 wonders of nature, in addition to being able to see some of the border of Brazil X Argentina , you can still see better the city of Foz do Iguaçu.

The Cataratas on the Argentine side is amazing as well as the Brazilian side, they are different experiences, but they are on the same level of grandeur and beauty.

The main attractions of the triple border that you need to know in 3 days are:

waterfalls of Iguaçu

Come to Foz do Iguaçu this Easter, and enjoy this family holiday!

(Photo courtesy Image Bank - Pixabay)

The postcard of the city attracts thousands of people a year, divided among tourists from around the world, the walk includes a walk through the Iguassu National Park, until you reach the catwalk where you can observe closely the amount of water that falls per second. It's incredible!

Macuco Safari

Come to Foz do Iguaçu this Easter, and enjoy this family holiday!

(Photo courtesy of the attraction)

If you like adrenaline, Macuco Safari is made for you!

This attraction is located inside the Falls and offers several walks inside the Iguassu National Park, such as trails, boat tours, diving in the Iguassu River, boat ride under the falls, among many adventures

Visit the website to learn more: Macuco

Bird Park

Come to Foz do Iguaçu this Easter, and enjoy this family holiday!

(Photo courtesy of the attraction)

The Foz Bird Park is another well-known attraction of Foz do Iguaçu, second only to the Iguazu Falls, which of course is one of the Seven Wonders of Nature, right?

Well, the Bird Park is the ideal place to get in touch with birds of the Atlantic Forest in huge nurseries, which during your journey through the Bird Park in Foz, you know more about the birds, joining fun and knowledge. Also remembering that the Bird Park is one of the largest bird parks in Latin America, and the main work of the Bird Park is the conservation of the most 1.400 birds and 150 species of the Atlantic Forest that we find there in the Bird Park Foz do Iguaçu , and some even endangered.

The attractive offers tours aside. These are incredible experiences, worth knowing!

Learn more at: Bird Park

Dreamland Wax Museum

Come to Foz do Iguaçu this Easter, and enjoy this family holiday!

(Photo courtesy of the attraction)

Dreams Entertainment Group is the group responsible for creating the Dreamland (Wax Museum). The Foz unit was inaugurated at 2013 as part of the Park Show tourist complex which includes other attractions such as: Wax Museum, Valley of the Dinosaurs, Wonders of the World, Super Cars and Dreams Ice Bar.

So do not forget to take a walk in the Museum!

To know more about the attractions go to: Dreamland

Three Borders Framework

Come to Foz do Iguaçu this Easter, and enjoy this family holiday!

(Photo courtesy of the attraction)

The Three Borders Landmark, built to celebrate peace among peoples. Located in the Porto Meira district in Foz, the landmark is an obelisk, completed around 11 years before the political emancipation of the city of Foz do Iguaçu, the scenery is of good memories for those who visit the attraction, and also has important passages in the history of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, especially that of the continent.

The landmark, with a ferris wheel with a beautiful view of the border, restaurant with local cuisine, and children's space for kids to have fun.

Visit the website to learn more: Three Borders Framework

Do you want to know all those attractions mentioned above?

Then know the Combo Iguassu Tourism, it provides you with the best tours for the best price in Foz and region, access the website and know all the prices available for you and your family.

Go to: Combo Iguassu

Come to Foz do Iguaçu and have the best experiences of your life!

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