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Are you looking for a low-priced hotel with a city that has everything to show you the best? Wait, I'll give you a hint so it will make you shiver, anxious? I bet I do. On these holidays you will get to know the Border that connects with two countries - Argentina and Paraguay - taking advantage of several tours and improving your taste buds with the gastronomy of neighboring countries and the cultures that you can find here in Foz do Iguaçu.

We've heard a lot about Iguazu Falls, whether it's television, internet, conversation, and so on, but have you ever thought about really getting to know this trip in the middle of the Atlantic Forest? So do not waste time and come to this adventure to know more closely this wonder that enchants to all, from all the corner of the world.

Leaving for the ride ...


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Strolling through the Iguaçu Falls is to get completely involved with nature, walking through trails in the middle of the forest and watching animals along the path until you reach the end of the trail, as it is called, Devil's Throat.

For those who have had the opportunity to get to know Niagara Falls, you know that the beauty between the two does not compare, but Iguazu Falls remains the most beautiful wonder of the natural world.

The Iguazu National Park, where the Falls are located, annually receives more than 1 million visitors, being known worldwide for its beauty. The famous Iguazu Falls lies between Brazil and Argentina, with a visitor center, parking, hotel, restaurant, internal buses, additional tours, souvenir shops, food courts and hiking trail for access to the falls.

Here at the border you have the option to know Iguazu Falls, for two places, the first is for Brazil as I said and the second is for the Argentine side. These two sides are different walks, which means that for each of them, you must have a ticket. On this tour I can guarantee that every penny spent is valid, since the two places give you different perspectives. To get to the Falls on the Argentine side, you need to enter the country, thus needing your documents, it is valid as (Passport, RG and CNH).

On the Brazilian side, the tour lasts from 2 to 4 hours, starting with the Visitor Center, landing on the trail that leads to Iguazu Falls, along this route, you can make stops for additional tours. When the landing is carried out, the walk up to the falls begins by trails in the middle of the Atlantic forest, with spaces that allow a preview of how to get close to the beautiful falls.

When you reach the end point of the corridor, there is a walkway that you can go to "Devil's Throat", allowing you to observe the depth and also the falls in the panoramic view.

Going to the restaurant at Porto Canoas, where you can sit down, drink water and wait for the bus to return, there is a memorial of Albert Santos Dumont, which explains all the influence of his person in the history of Iguazu Falls.


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Access to the tourist point is open daily from 9h to 17h here in Brazil. On the Argentine side, it's from 8h to 16h30.

The amounts charged for the visit to the Iguassu Falls can be consulted through the website of both Falls.

It is important to remember that the tickets purchased for the falls do not include the additional tours that have inside the National Park - Macuco Safari, Bananeiras Trail, Black Well Trail and Adventure Sports - for those who live in the border region, there are discounts, but for this to be given, it is extremely important to take the proof of residence and a document with photo, (RG, CNH or Passport).


Source: Free Databases - Pixabay


It is worth remembering that the Park is a national heritage, so respect the safety standards, not feeding the Quatis, animals typical of the Iguassu Falls that usually walk the tracks. Go for comfortable clothes and closed shoes. AH CAN I GO FROM SNEAKER? Power up can, but it is not recommend, because as you will walk a lot, when you reach the end of the walk, your feet will be swollen. In times of many visits, that is (December, January, February and July) the rides may have high waiting time. The recommended is to make your trip in the low season months. To make it easier, make a reservation at Hotel Tarobá's website.

With this visit to Iguazu Falls, you will surely want to return to Foz do Iguaçu, with more people at your side, so that you can enjoy the wonders that the city can offer you.


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