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Are you going to travel to Foz do Iguaçu? Check out the best clothes for each ride !!!

Traveling is always good, and traveling to Foz do Iguaçu is even better, here you will find several different attractions that make your trip even more special, but of course the more tips, the better, and it was thinking about what we do Vacation Specials we decided to create a post giving tips on what clothes are ideas to go on certain tours in Foz do Iguaçu, bora conferir?

How about shopping in Paraguay?

Are you going shopping in Paraguay? Then know that you should go as comfortable as possible. Go tennis or sneaker, you decide, the more comfortable, the better! So you can know the news and modernities of the products that we find in stores in Paraguay. It is also worth remembering: It is good to avoid carrying bags, carry your ID and money in a pocket, preferably from the front, and a safe pocket, of course.

Contact the Combo Iguassu attendants to perform this on many other tours in Foz do Iguacu with comfort, quality and safety.

Let's know the largest bird park in Latin America?

The Bird Park is a wonderful walk and much loved by tourists from all over the world. In the Bird Park you find birds rescued, exotic and some even in danger of extinction, are all well treated. But then, returning to the main subject of the post, if you are going to travel to Foz do Iguaçu and decided to get to know the Bird Park, then it is good to go in the same clothes as in the Iguassu Falls, which we will indicate in the next topic, because you can do the Bird Park and the Iguassu Falls on the same day, the two are very close to each other.

Are you going to travel to Foz do Iguaçu? Check out the best clothes for each ride !!!

Waterfalls of Iguaçu!!!

This tour in Foz is practically obligatory for those who will travel to Foz do Iguaçu, one of the most famous postcards in the country. The Iguaçu National Park is a very wet place due to the falls, so you will not want to risk falling and getting hurt, right? So go with light and comfortable clothes, such as shorts, shorts, a sneaker, it's worth remembering that in case you do not want to get wet, you can take a raincoat, you can get it when you do your shopping in Paraguay or inside the Park Iguaçu National Park, but remembering that the value in the Park is a bit more expensive, you also have the option of Vacation Specials, we have a souvenir shop that offers several souvenirs and gifts of the city, worth knowing !!!

Are you going to travel to Foz do Iguaçu? Check out the best clothes for each ride !!!

Macuco Safari? I want to!!!

Have you decided to go to Macuco Safari when you visit Iguazu Falls? It is a wonderful tour, and also virtually mandatory for visitors. It is composed of a trail, where you know the fauna and flora of the National Park, followed by a suspended trail in 600 meters, passing through the Salto Macuco, which is a waterfall that springs from millennial rocks, and then a walk in a small motor boat that passes as close to the falls as possible, so you can be sure that it will get wet.

So when visiting Iguazu Falls, do not forget to take a backpack with water, repellent, sunscreen, a lozenge and of course, extra clothes if you decide to take this tour in Foz do Iguaçu, remembering that buying directly with the Combo Iguassu, the price of Ingresso comes out the most, so contact our attendants and get your ticket!

Thinking about knowing the tourist complex of Itaipu Binacional?

It is worth mentioning that Itaipu Binacional offers several tours, such as the Ecomuseum, Panoramic Tour, Astronomical Pole, Special Circuit, Kattamaram, Dam Lighting, Bela Vista Biological Refuge.

To go to the Ecomuseum, Panoramic Tour, Dam Lighting and Kattamaram and Astronomical Pole, you can choose the clothes that you feel most comfortable, whether it's sneakers, sneakers, dress, slippers, shorts or shorts, you decide.

But not Special Circuit, you should be more attentive, it is a tour in Foz do Iguaçu that is a little more restricted, where you know the inside of the plant, so they have rules certain rules, such as: just above 14 years can carry out this tour , you should be wearing closed shoes and underwear.

Also remembering that the tour has limited places, so you need to make your reservation / purchase of the ticket in advance, please contact our Combo Iguassu attendants for more information about the tour.

Biological refuge: it is a green area of ​​ecological preservation, so you should go in comfortable and light clothes to better enjoy the ride and hike without problems. Remembering that as it is a green area, you can take a repellent and sunscreen.

Ice Bars on the Triple Frontier

Although the bars offer warm clothing and gloves so you can enjoy the place without going cold, it is worth remembering that it is important to go in closed shoes and pants!

Are you going to travel to Foz do Iguaçu? Check out the best clothes for each ride !!!

Did you have some attraction that we did not mention and you would like to know which is the best look to know? Leave it in the comments.