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A machine that packs your suitcase ??? Yes it does exist, for the sake of travel lovers

Knowing new destinations and new people is wonderful, but when it comes time to pack is not an easy task for many people, thinking about what to take, fold and pack takes practice and dexterity. But with the FoldiMate machine these problems have ended, now the person who will travel only needs to select the pieces of clothing, put in the machine that she will do the fold and passage of the clothes and ready just put in the bag.

See below how the FoldiMate machine works.

The machine is scheduled to launch next year, folds clothes precisely and automatically only hang the selected pieces in the clips embedded that FoldiMate will do the rest of the work, in addition to being folded, the clothes will be disheveled, perfumed and undergo a sanitary treatment .

The interesting thing about the folding machine is that you do not have to use it only when you pack, but at any time. According to the company the machine is like a friend that when you deliver it the clothes will fold for you, the process of "feeding" the clothes is practical and fast, being a compact and affordable solution.

The machine launch forecast is expected to take place in Brazil from 2018 and is likely to be marketed by Polishop, and Brazil does not yet have a sales forecast, but it is believed that it will be between U $ 700 and U $ 580,00 until moment only exists in design, but with such publicity in social networks and based on the theoretical tests of its creators is that in 2018 is already a darling of the housewives.

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