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A unique experience, get to know The Argentine Experience in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina

Have you ever thought about visiting Foz do Iguacu, get to know Argentina and in the middle of that visit you know a secret restaurant, and still learn how to make your own food? So get ready, wash your hands, reserve the pencil and a notebook because in this post you go with me until Argentina know a little of the matchless The Argentine Experience Iguazu.

The refined restaurant recently arrived in Puerto Iguazú, about two months, and is already a hit with visitors. In the best "Speakeasy" style, the restaurant is a mystery to be unveiled, since it is hidden, and does not have any type of sign or something that catches the attention of the visitor. If you are interested in this mysterious restaurant, rest assured that we will give you some tips on how to find it.

A unique experience, get to know The Argentine Experience in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina

The Argentine Experience Iguazú, is behind a winery, to discover the restaurant you must go through a cava with several wines, all very well selected by the way. With a differentiated proposal, the restaurant has the capacity to attend 30 people, to get to know the best of Argentinean gastronomy and also try the best wines of the region, watered by a lot of fun and entertainment.

"Ah, but so far I have not seen anything of experience in this restaurant" Then you are wrong! Dinner begins with the public learning how to make one of the three wine cocktails served in the house. After that you have an incredible lesson on how to make empanada, where the visitor learns how to close their own Argentine empanada using the traditional "replulgue" technique.

A unique experience, get to know The Argentine Experience in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina

All that is served in the restaurant is passed on to the visitor to make, and after these empanadas you will make a delicious cold plate that has provolone cheese, black pudding, sausage and the "matambre" of pork. And we go to the main course, which is a filet mignon with roasted vegetables, and you know what makes this wonderful meat? The preparation. That has a full cooking of 24 hours, in The Argentine Experience, you just end the dish.

Calm down that your gastronomic adventure in Argentina does not end there, besides all this, the restaurant's guides are all cool, there they explain to visitors a little about Argentine culture, through the gestures and phrases that are typical of the brothers, giving a real class of "argentines".

And let's close this night of learning with a golden key? For this nothing better than a good drink, and in The Argentine Experience, you learn to make mate, a traditional Argentine drink and still make delicious alfajores with the best dulce de leche you will eat in your life.

A unique experience, get to know The Argentine Experience in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina

Is there any way to improve this gastronomic tour? Of course you do! The visitor has unlimited wine throughout the night, all from one of Argentina's oldest and most traditional wineries.

How to get to know The Argentine Experience Iguazú?

Be aware, the restaurant only works with advance booking. The English-guided experience works: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Guided experience in Portuguese, on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The visitor should arrive to the restaurant between 19: 30 to 19: 45, the experience begins the 20h and goes until the 23 hours.

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