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Tricks and tips for a perfect and worry-free travel bag

Tricks and tips for a perfect and worry-free travel bag

This text is for those who love to travel, but HURRY to pack!

Are there always those who leave to pack the 46? of the second time, postponing the inevitable. Without thinking too much about what to wear, putting 5 pants, 5 sweaters, etc ... Not for fear of forgetting something important, but for not having much patience to separate and try to make everything fit, right ?!

That's not to mention who needs to pack suitcases for themselves, partner and children (UFA!), And always after someone comes to complain, "But, did not you bring x or y?".

But, worse than packing your bags to travel, is arranging to return home.

After all, you've already gone into depression because the trip is ending. In addition to the bag of dirty clothes, there are shopping trips that never fit. And of course, all done again in the night and still in the twilight because the children sleep in the same hotel room.


First, you should choose a suitcase that is your face. Discreet or printed, big or small, rigid or flexible, with a lot of pocket or without pocket, expandable, wheels to all sides, etc ... Imagine that sadness to pack a suitcase that you do not like, right? To see more technical details, I recommend that you read these two blogs Professional Tourist and Destinations & Recipes.


I'm in favor of the little list so you do not have to keep trying to remember what you need to bring. Not to mention the sensation of accomplishment with each item "ticked". I do not have separate lists, one for winter and one for summer (yes! Sometimes we have both seasons on the same trip). But, if you find it easier, you can separate according to season or destination (beach, countryside, city). To download our list, click here.


In order to avoid getting into the dead of night fixing everything, the ideal is to separate things during the previous week. So one day you reserve 20 minutes to choose only the clothes. The other day you separate the medicine. And then another day the hygiene items, toys, food, etc ... Breaking the task into pieces, will seem easier.


How about listening to your favorite songs while separating what to take? To avoid interrupting your assignment, select your longest playlists or visit sites like Spotify or Superplayer, which offer playlist according to your mood / feeling. I advise something lively to give even a dance between putting one suit and another.


I have tried a few times to put the suitcase in bed and turn on the TV in the little woman channels that I almost never have the time or chance to watch. Here at home, Discovery Kids and Disney Channel, or Sportv and ESPN, reign on the small screen. This is a moment of mine! Just do not distract yourself and forget about your main goal of packing your suitcase.


I have a friend who always looks beautiful in travel photos, it seems even fashion editorial. And I that disheveled mother, who did not have time to combine the pieces. It was then, she gave the hint: every day you put on a cool look, take a picture. When it comes time to pack, you already know which pieces fit together and can be interchangeably easily. Then check out these two blogs Travel Fashion Girl and Outfitposts.


Sometimes we want to embrace the world and do it all by ourselves. It is important to involve the children in the storage of the suitcase, it becomes much more fun. They choose one look per day, separate in piles and mark their list. At this time you can help by showing different combinations with wild pieces, saving space in the suitcase. It was great to even give a quickie at all during the trip, when leaving the hotel.

After all the tips for sure will make the organization easier.

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