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Triple Frontier: Curiosities of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

The Triple Border is the main set of borders of South America, is formed by the union of the territorial and political limits of three different countries Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. In which they form a territory rich in culture and biodiversity, which contain some relics of the natural and modern environment. In the modern way we have the largest renewable energy generator, better known as Itaipu Binacional, which borders Brazil and Paraguay. In the natural way, we have one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world, better known as the Iguaçu Falls, which makes the border between Brazil and Argentina.


Triple Frontier: Curiosities of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

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• The name Argentina comes from the Latin word "argentum", which means silver. The European settlers named this region because they believed that there was a huge mountain of silver in that region.

• Argentina is considered as the eighth largest country in the world in territorial terms, located in South America. It is also known to have the highest mountain in America called Aconcágua, which has approximately 7 thousand meters of altitude is located in the Cordillera of the Andes, near the city of Mendoza in Argentina.

• Curiosities of Argentina, the association with tango, after all the country was where the style of music and dance was born that became a worldwide success. Known for a genre that expresses melancholy and a lot of passion in her footsteps and her musical lyrics, with that she became the most traditional dance of Argentina.

• The typical food is meat, because the quality of Argentine beef is famous worldwide. One of the most consumed dishes is known as the Chorizo ​​Steak, a special cut of meat removed from the meat core. Being a cut of noble meat, by the great consumption and for having fallen in the taste of the visitors, the Bife de Chorizo, is considered one of the main typical dishes of the country.

• Another curiosity of Argentina is about the Iguazú National Park. Another important point of the country, because it houses the Iguazú Falls, few know that most of the waterfalls are in Argentine territory, which results in a spectacular view on the Brazilian side, the Park offers the same variety of walks as the Brazilian side . It is well worth knowing the two sides of the attraction. Some advantages of the Argentine side is being able to get very close to the biggest waterfall known as Devil's Throat, in the traditional walk. The walkway takes you right next to a huge crater, where more than 1,5 million liters of water per second.


Triple Frontier: Curiosities of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

(Photo courtesy Image Bank - Pixabay)

• Their culture is rich in cultural and linguistic diversity. Guaraní is still spoken by many people who live in Paraguay, since a large part of the population is descended from the Guarani Indians. Spanish is the other official language of the country.

• Ciudad Del Este is one of the busiest cities in the country, after all, those who visit the Triple Frontier end up passing through Paraguay to do some shopping, after all the possibility of products in places is infinite, the malls are huge and all have a price great.

• The cuisine of the country is rich in vegetables and meats, which combine and has much influence with the traditions of Spanish and Italian foods. But there are several dishes that are part of the Paraguayan cuisine that are the Paraguayan soup and the chipa, are typical food of the country. Another option that is much consumed by local people is the drink known as tereré, which draws attention to being a refreshing drink, as it is taken with very cold water.

• Another of the curiosities of Paraguay that draws much attention is the Itaipu Binacional, which is another important point in the country, as the plant is considered the largest renewable generator on the planet. It was built in Brazil but was financed by large companies in the world. One of the companies is Paraguayan that made some territories available for the construction of the Plant, and thus, the agreement between the two countries Brazil and Paraguay resulted.

• Other curiosities of Paraguay: It is a country well known for having one of the most visited shopping centers in the world, because of its immense possibility of buying imported and electronic products with a price very close to the United States, for example. Being considered as the Miami of Latin America.

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Triple Frontier: Curiosities of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

(Photo courtesy Image Bank - Pixabay)

• Brazil is known as the largest country in South America, its territory is huge, with several ethnic groups present in the culture. It is also known by the country of soccer, music, and carnival.

• Other curiosities of Brazil are about the territory, it houses several monuments and one of the Seven Wonders of Nature, the Iguaçu Falls, which is in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, which is considered the second most sought after destination in Brazil. Also known to be part of the Triple Frontier, because its main economic activity is tourism. The city of Foz do Iguaçu is seen by many as a big city, but it is not. The city is complete in every aspect, it offers an impeccable stay to the visitors, high quality hotels, and diverse options of attractions to be visited.

• The cuisine of the region of Paraná is the one that attracts the most attention of the visitors. Known for its spice, and for its strong influence on indigenous, European and Asian culture. Among several dishes, the most outstanding are the cheese bread, the tropeiro beans, the barbecue, etc. All the dishes mentioned above are specialties of the country's cuisine, which is well known and praised by visitors.

• The Iguaçu Falls are undoubtedly what most attracts the attention of tourists as they arrive in the city, the Iguazu National Park is the main attraction, in which they offer various tours for those who love an adventure. The place also has an exquisite restaurant, souvenir shops and more.

The curiosities of Brazil, which were mentioned above show a little more of the curiosities about the country to make you want to know Foz do Iguaçu and also enjoy to know a little of Argentina and Paraguay in the same trip. Thus, you have the opportunity to know or personally prove each of the curiosities that we quote in the text.


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