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Top 04 best tours of the Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Although it is the same place, of the same natural beauty, both the waterfalls of Iguaçu on the Brazilian side as the Iguazú Falls on the Argentine side, present different experiences and unique views.

For example, when we visit the throat of the devil, we can only have the view of it below, but have you ever imagined what it is like to see it on the other side of a panoramic view? This is a view that only those who visit the falls on the Argentine side can appreciate. So it is best if you visit both sides. I am sure you will not regret it!

But without further ado, we Tarobá Hotel we elaborated this post especially so that you know a little more about the various tours that the Iguazú Falls offer, that you are totally unaware of. Of course, there are more, but we separate only the best. Bora to find out?

Top 4 - Safari Trail of the Pioneers

This tour, in fact, is an experience that visitors relive from the middle of the woods. Formerly, the pioneers made this way to appreciate the Iguassu Falls of Argentina, even before there were paved roads.

This safari is carried out by way of Yacaratiá do Sul, leaving from Puerto Iguazu Holiday Rentals to the Iguazú National Park, in a car 4x4 to 8 people. Mineral water, repellent, binoculars, raincoat, etc. are provided during the way.

Admission: 550 pesos *

Approximate duration: 2 hours

Top 04 best tours of the Iguazu Falls in Argentina Safari Trail of the Pioneers

Top 3 - Ecological Walk

For lovers of nature and for those who like calm, this tour is the most recommended. It is approximately 2,5 km of descent in the water, where the visitor can connect with the flora and fauna of the place.

The ride is considered very smooth; begins at the throat of the devil and ends at Três Marias port, and from there you can walk back to the Cataratas station.

Admission: 300 pesos *

Approximate duration: 30 minutes

Top 04 best tours of the Iguazu Falls in Argentina Ecological Tour

Top 2 - Safari at the Waterfall

This tour is also carried out on a trail with about 4km, inside the National Park of Iguazú, through a vehicle 4x4. The whole tour is led by a professional guide who explains the dynamics of the forest, thus being a link between the tourist and the environment.

This trail ends at Salto Arrechea, where it has a natural pool called "Pozón". For sure, it is one of the best tours of the Iguazu Falls!

Admission: 465 pesos *

Approximate duration: 2 hours

Top 04 best tours of the Iguazu Falls in Argentina Safari to the Waterfall

Top 1 - Great Adventure

The most anticipated and worthy tour of this list is the Great Adventure - Macuco Safari from Argentina. This tour has two exit options, one from the visitor center, and another from the operations center, following 5km through the forest through the Yacaratiá path until arriving at Macuco Safari port.

Then boarding the boat, which rises 6 km of the Iguazú River, through the canyon comes the base of the jump of the Three Musketeers where you can see the Brazilian and Argentine falls, including the throat of the devil.

The most awaited moment of the tour is when the boat follows in the direction of Salto San Martin, arriving as close as possible to the falls, where the famous waterfall bath happens. Incredible, is not it?

Tickets: 950 pesos *

Estimated duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Top 04 best tours of the Iguazu Falls in Argentina Great Adventure

This was our list with the 04 best tours of Iguazu Falls in Argentina. Keep following our blog! Every day has a new content made especially for you who loves to travel and venture, and of course, to stay always inside the news, tips and tours of Foz do Iguaçu and region!

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