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Only in September ICVB travels more than 100 thousand KM in the promotion of Destination Iguaçu

Only in September ICVB travels more than 100 thousand KM in the promotion of Destination Iguaçu


It is generally known that Foz do Iguaçu is considered the Destiny of the World. But do you have any idea what is being done to make it really a fact in the life of this city in the West of Paraná? September is a great example of how this has become a reality in the trinational region. When the ninth month of the year comes to an end, the staff of Iguassu Convention & Visitors Bureau - ICVB will have traveled more than 100 thousand kilometers in actions to promote and publicize Destino Iguaçu. This mileage would be sufficient to give two and a half Earth rounds (39.840km).

With a work team of just over 10 people the entity is dedicated to fulfill one of its main attributions: the promotion and the disclosure of the Destination Iguaçu. Throughout the year, actions aimed at this practice are carried out in several cities, states and countries. This month, this effort became more evident and draws attention to the number of activities scattered throughout Brazil and the world.

Only in Brazil, the entity will close the month with shares in Curitiba / PR, São Paulo / SP, Salvador / BA, Fortaleza / CE, Belo Horizonte / MG, Brasilia / DF, Natal / RN and Porto Alegre / RS. Already abroad: Buenos Aires in Argentina; Ourense in Spain; Long Beach, Los Angeles, New York and Atlantic City in the United States; Tokyo in Japan; Guatemala City in Guatemala; and Shanghai, Beijing and Canton in China.

Basileu Tavares, Executive Manager of the ICVB, says that September is a good example of the entity's commitment to promoting local and regional tourism throughout the year. "You can not classify an action with more or less importance. All the movement of the ICVB follows a planning that aims to increase the movement, whether it is aimed at the event public or in the national and international leisure tourist. We are proud to be considered the Destiny of the World and we are constantly working to maintain this status. "

According to ICVB President Fernando Martin, one of the key roles of the entity is to be the visiting card of Destino, "it is with this mentality that we seek to present ourselves in the main national and interactive markets. An effort that year after year has been showing positive results. The destination Iguaçu follows a constant growth in the tourist movement and, this, directly influences the local economy and its infrastructure. If to get here was a hard job, keeping it requires dedication and a lot of focus. "

Investments in September:

4º ICCA Latin America Meeting | Natal / RN | 01 to 04 for September

Promotion of the National Student Meeting of International Relations - ENERI | Porto Alegre / RS | 04 to 06 for September

Roadshow Check-in Fly Iguaçu Destination (Flytour and BLUE) | São José dos Campos / SP | September 09

Roadshow Check-in Fly Iguaçu Destination (Flytour and BLUE) | Contact Us | September 10

Roadshow Check-in Fly Iguaçu Destination (Flytour and BLUE) | Belo Horizonte / MG | September 11

Agent At Home Travel Summit Long Beach - Ca - USA | 15 to 18 for September

Promotion action of the Official Week of Engineering and Agronomy | Fortaleza / CE | 15 to 19 for September

Roadhsow Latam in China | Shanghai, Beijing and Canton in China | 16 to 22 for September

Meetings at the Brazilian Congress of Cardiology | Curitiba / PR | from 19 in September

Contact Us | Los Angeles / Ca - USA | 21 to 22 for September

39ª Travel Mart Latin America | Guatemala City - Guatemala | 23 to 25 for September

Action to promote the National Meeting of the Construction Industry | Salvador / BA | 23 to 26 for September

Agent At Home Travel Summit | Atlantic City / Nj - USA | 24 to 25 for September

43ª ABAV International Tourism Expo | Contact Us | 24 to 27 for September

15ª International Thermal Tourism Fair - Termatalia | Ourense in Spain | 24 to 26 for September

Jata | Tokyo in Japan | 25 to 27 for September

International Tourism Fair of Latin America | Buenos Aires in Argentina | 26 to 29 for September

Operator Visit | New York / NY - USA | 29 from September to 02 for October

Top Resà | Paris in France from 29 from September to 02 from October

Kuality Workshop | Santiago in Chile | September 30

Brazilian Congress of Engineering of Evaluations and Expertise | Belo Horizonte / MG | 30 from September to 02 for October