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Shopping Catuaí Palladium makes "Easter Pancakes" for children

Shopping Catuaí Palladium makes "Easter Pancakes" for children

The pancake is a well-known American dish, the fluffy mass today is consumed worldwide, especially during breakfast, with some sweet coating, or with salty filling when done in the oven.

Shopping Catuaí Palladium makes "Easter Pancakes" for children

During this extended weekend, Catuaí Palladium Shopping is promoting an "Easter Pancake" in partnership with Dr. Oetker, where children from 3 to 12 years will be able to decorate their pancakes in a super fun workshop.

They will be able to stuff their freshly baked pancakes with brigadeiro and they can still decorate their items with delicious and colorful confections, they also have fun making a rabbit ears painting to decorate their dishes!

The event started yesterday (28 / 03) and will remain until Easter day on 1 in April. Activities begin at 14h and close at 20h. The workshop is on the ground floor, in the event square. The turn-in time is approximately 20 minutes.

Source: Disclosure Shopping Catuaí Palladium

The activities will be conducted by bilingual monitors, who will guide children in Portuguese and Spanish, using a language and methodology appropriate to deal with the children's public in the region of the Triple Frontier. The little ones will be in uniform with an apron and cap.

Source: Disclosure Shopping Catuaí Palladium

The enrollment is R $ 10,00 per child and it is made on a first come, first served basis and according to the regulations (consult on the spot), the average capacity is 20 children at all times.

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Shopping Catuaí Palladium makes "Easter Pancakes" for children

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