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Learn all about purchases in Paraguay and the amount of allowance per person

Want to visit the city of Foz do Iguaçu and enjoy to take a little step in the neighboring country and come back with the suitcase full of gifts for home? Come to know a little about how the shopping in Paraguay works. Buying in Paraguay has always been a reference of products with a more affordable price.

Want to know how to buy in Paraguay? Keep reading...

Purchases are simple but require some rules. Lately the issue of the high dollar has been affecting Paraguayan purchases a bit, nowadays one has to be aware of what can be brought and what is worth investing in the neighboring country.

Regarding this reason, we have prepared some very good tips to help you save and fill and cart across the border without stress or headache.

Guide to shopping in Paraguay is it worth it?

Before spending your money be aware of some rules that Brazilian customs impose. It is important to consider the details and understand the customs rules, to know what can and can not bring to Brazil, so you avoid wasting time and money during the inspection.

What can you buy in Paraguay?

Well, you can bring a lot, as long as you declare your income in national territory. Here are some items allowed and worth buying in the neighboring country, considering the difference between the values.

Cellshop for example is a complete shopping center that you find almost all departments, all of great quality and great price, to know more visit the site: Cellshop


Learn all about shopping in Paraguay and the amount of allowance allowed per person.

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The perfumes bought in Paraguay are usually the darlings of tourists different from the stores in Brazil, to make a small comparison the most famous perfumes in Brazil cost in the range of R $ 400,00, in Paraguay they leave for about R $ 160,00 a lot of difference is not even ? An important tip is to stay tuned because some products depending on the place that is purchased may be fake. That is why it is important to buy your perfumes in perfumeries. The macedonia is one of the most well-known perfumeries of Paraguay, if you look for quality, certainly would have found there.


Learn all about shopping in Paraguay and the amount of allowance allowed per person.

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Do you like makeup? The variety of makeup products and brands in Paraguay makes the place a true paradise, the famous American brands in Brazil are found in all malls in the neighboring country, with a small and very significant difference: prices. Most of the time they are worth less than half of what is charged in Brazil. Remembering the importance of product quality, always opt for reliable stores.

SA shopping is complete in the area of ​​makeup, often with promotions not to be missed in various cosmetic sectors for example:

• Hair products

Hair products are other items with very advantageous prices in Paraguay, this covers almost everything in the area of ​​cosmetics: shampoos, conditioners, creams, masks and more. The L'Oréal, John Frieda, Aussie and Joico brands, for example, are found in promotion on the main shelves of Paraguayan stores, which draws the attention of tourists who pass through them.

• False eyelashes

Still in the area of ​​beauty, false eyelashes, as well as other beauty accessories, are extremely cheap in Paraguay. A great opportunity for those who like to use and do not want to spend much whenever they need, and professionals in the area of ​​makeup that use many eyelashes in their customers is a great economy, the price difference compared to Brazil is giant.


Learn all about shopping in Paraguay and the amount of allowance allowed per person.

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Electronics is one of the sectors most sought after by tourists in Paraguay, taking into account the over-accessible price! In Brazil, prices are usually very expensive, especially the launches, in most cases prices are very different from the Paraguayan side. Products like cameras, cell phones, sound and accessories in general, computer science are usually worth it. But it is always good to have a price base, because with the dollar increase, some products in the electronic sector end up not compensating much. At Cellshop you will find electronics and the best imported with great price and guarantee.


Learn all about shopping in Paraguay and the amount of allowance allowed per person.

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Alcoholic beverages in general is another product that is usually worth it when comparing with Brazilian prices. There you find the best brands of vodka, tequila, whiskey and even wines at very good prices. It pays to buy drinks in Paraguay, because the prices are great for those who like a good drink. A great store to buy drinks is at La Petisquera, you find a wide variety of drinks at a great price.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the text it is possible to bring everything we mentioned, following the following rules:

What can not buy and bring to Brazil?

Some products are banned and may be confiscated at customs, the most common ones being the following:

• Products intended for resale or for industrial use or illegal use;

• Cigarettes or beverages, produced in Brazil and intended for sale abroad;

• Branded cigarettes not marketed in the country of origin;

• Toys and replicas of firearms;

• Animals smuggled from the jungle or illegally purchased;

• Products marked as counterfeit, altered or imitated trademarks.

The list of products that are learned at customs is great so to know more consult the IRS to answer your questions.

Quota for purchases in Paraguay?

Check out the video with some tips on quotas in Paraguay:

The quota of purchases in Paraguay is always in agreement with the Brazilian customs, the total value of the products tends to be U $ 300,00 per person. Be aware of the quantities allowed for each type of product you are buying.

Check out some items:

• maximum of 12 liters for alcoholic beverages;

• 10 cigarette packs and 25 units for cigars or cigarillos;

• Unclassified products, such as souvenirs and small gifts of unit value below U $ 5,00;

• Maximum 10 goods above U $ 5,00, provided they do not exceed identical 3 parts.

Products for personal use do not enter the quota, but be aware of products that claim to be for personal use.

And when the quota is exceeded?

When the quota is exceeded, a fee of 50% over the value is required, for example, if the value of your purchase is U $ 800, the calculation is based on the exceeded U $ 500. That is, the tax to be paid is U $ 250,00 a very high value, so be aware of the allowed quota for purchases.


Now speaking a little bit of transportation, it is much better to go with a tourism agency to do your shopping in Paraguay, because besides they have great options of stores and products for you, they also help you in understanding better the rules of purchases and quotas allowed at the border.

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O Iguassu City Pass is a transport package valid for 7 days, which takes you to the main attractions of Foz do Iguaçu, in addition to visiting Argentina and Paraguay in a much more fun, safe and comfortable.

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I hope you enjoy today's tips.

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Foz do Iguaçu, come celebrate this carnival with us!

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