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Learn about Cellshop payment methods!

We talk a lot about Cellshop, like in this post we talk about fishing section her, or in this other one that we gave you some reasons why you have to meet Cellshop!

The store already has more than 10 years of history and who knows the Cellshop knows that the products are original and of great quality, besides having a very great variety of marks!

We know that when shopping in Paraguay we have several ways to pay, especially when it comes to money, because we can use the exchange rate with the real, Guarani and dollar, which are the most used currencies in Paraguay.

So today, we'll talk about what Cellshop payment methods are, so you can choose the best one! Do not forget that to buy at Cellshop you need to take your RG, because you need to register in the store.

• Payment methods

Source: Facebook Cellshop

- Money:

On the Cellshop website you can find the values ​​of the products in several currencies such as:

- Real (Brazil)

- Dollar (US)

- Guarani (Paraguay)

- Pesos (Argentina)

All of them are accepted there and the exchange already appears on the store's website, so you can organize yourself in advance!

- Credit card* and Debit**

Source: Facebook Cellshop

Accepted credit cards are international, but if you only have national cards, you can use an application that is associated with Cellshop, called BraPay, which makes money remittances abroad, through the internet.

The flags accepted in the Cellshop are:

- Maestro

- Master Card

- Visa

- American Express

- Dinners Club

* Credit card purchases have an increase of 7,5%.

** Debit card purchases have an increase of 3,30%.

(Additional fees are required from banks, not from the store.)

If you make your purchase with cards, the card holder must be present with the updated RG to approve the purchase.

Source: Koby Kelsey Unsplash

With these payment methods, you can buy several things at once!

If you want to buy a new cell phone, such as the new Iphone X, for example, in addition to having a much lower value than in Brazil, installment, however much they come with some fees, still worth much more to buy at Cellshop.

So, since not all stores in Paraguay accept credit and debit cards, take advantage of the fact that Cellshop has a great variety of products and sections, you can find everything you need in one store!

Learn about Cellshop payment methods!

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