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Learn the news of the Valley of the Dinosaurs Park at Dreamland Foz !!

Dreamland Foz is a leisure and entertainment tourist complex with five attractions that provides the joy, knowledge and fun of tourists and residents of the city of Foz do Iguaçu. The attractions that the Dreamland Complex enchant visitors, as each has its own differential, each has its own space for visitors to be dazzled by the scenery. It also has the option for you and your family to take pictures in the backdrops to keep in mind, such as: Spider-Man, Presidency table, and others.

In the Dreamland Complex, there is a park that draws the attention of visitors, especially children, to the Dinosaur Valley Park, where it is composed of a forest that has life size replicas of the giant dinosaurs that inhabited the Earth, such as the Stegosaurus. , Velociraptor, Branchiosaurus, and the gigantic 14 Gigantosaurus meters in length.

Learn the news of the Valley of the Dinosaurs Park at Dreamland Foz !!

(Photo courtesy of the attraction)

Dreamland Foz news is the new band that will be part of the other members of the Dinosaur Valley park, which is Dino Banda, where they are robots that play and emit the sound of dinosaurs to bring the realism to the park, the fun. and joy for children visiting the Dinosaur Valley.

Learn the news of the Valley of the Dinosaurs Park at Dreamland Foz !!

(Photo courtesy of the attraction)

The Dinosaur Valley Park consists of a green trail of 100 meters where visitors can be dazzled by the various species of dinosaurs present. The park has won more 7 dinosaurs to complete the trail, among the newcomers' new features, is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is over 10 meters long.


  • One of the novelties that Dreamland Foz offers visitors is that right at the entrance of Dreamland there is a model, showing the many other attractions that will be part of this great complex over the years. One of the news is a multi-property for those people who want to have the privilege of staying inside Dreamland Foz.
  • Still on the model, a chocolate factory can be observed. That's right, a chocolate factory for people and children who are chocolate lovers. This factory is one of the projects that over the years will be planned and designed by Dreamland Park staff for visitors to enjoy the attractions they offer.
  • Dreamland Foz will be coming soon with another new attraction for visitors, the Harley Motor Show, Harley-style lovers' biggest meeting place. The attraction will be a space of Dreamland Foz Park, where there will be a theme bar with more than 30 classic Harley models for the decoration of the environment. When it comes to gastronomy, there will be the presence of the special chef formed by the culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in France, with a typical American food.

Excited to know the Dreamland Foz space in Foz do Iguaçu? Schedule your trip and include this amazing and memorable tour in your itinerary. There are several attractions, such as: the Dinosaur Valley Park, Wax Museum, Dreams Ice Bar, Wonders of the World, among others that will soon be present in the Dreamland Foz space. Keep following the blog posts, every day we post new content for you and your family to stay on top of everything.

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