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What are the documents to enter Argentina and Paraguay?

What are the documents to enter Argentina and Paraguay?

What are the documents to enter Argentina and Paraguay?

  • What documents are required to enter Argentina?
  • What are the documents to enter Paraguay?
  • What is NOT accepted as an ID:
  • For foreigns
  • Hotel in the center of Foz do Iguaçu

By creating a travel itinerary you and your family will have many destinations on your visit list, right? Coming to Foz do Iguaçu what you will not miss is a tour option! One of them may be your visit to the stunning Argentine Falls or shopping in Ciudad Del Este, but for that you must be all right with the documents to enter Argentina and Paraguay!

And that's exactly why we brought this story today!

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What documents are required to enter Argentina?

What are the documents to enter Argentina and Paraguay?

Illustrative Image (Credits: Pixabay)

As in Argentina the inspection is very rigorous, it is extremely important that you do not forget your documents or take some that you do not think necessary, as this will bring you many problems and delays! Thinking about it this article will bring you the following documents to travel to Argentina:

1- RG - Identity Card or Passport

To Brazilians older than 18, crossing the country one needs to have theup to 10 years the Civil Identity Card or as we say RG, which is extremely important when you enter the Argentine border, as well as the RG photo must be readable, so there is also a need to update 10 years!

But if you prefer you can also present your passport as identification documentation in Argentina!

Traveling with minors or children:

What are the documents to enter Argentina and Paraguay?

Illustrative Image (Credits: Pixabay)

In no way should those responsible fail to present the RG ou passport of the child at the crossing, equally valid for lap children even if they have a birth certificate! Without the updated and identifiable ID card or your passport, children cannot enter the country!

If you are without a parent or legal guardian:

  • Children under 18 or unaccompanied children parents must have the original authorization registered at the notary's office, with "expiration date" and destination of the trip.
  • Minors accompanied by a parent must carry travel authorization signed by the other legal guardian, also with signed and notarized authorization, with the date of boarding, destination and return (in accordance with Resolution No. 131 / 2011 of the National Council of Justice).
  • When traveling to Mercosur, to stamp immigration control, minors must present this document to the immigration control authority of their home country! Therefore only accepted in the country of destination after all these procedures!

2- CNH - National Driver's License

CNH can be used as an ID at the entrance only from Puerto Iguazú, this is valid for Brazilians and foreign residents who hold the RNE (Foreign Identity Card) for a maximum of 72 hours since entering the country as stated and the regulation of the Tourist Facilitation Agreement!

When the customs pass is made a registration of the entry with this type of identification (CNH), but after 72 hours is required to present ID, passport and green card!

3- Green Card - Mandatory Insurance

Indispensable if you are driving to Argentina!

Because if you are stopped, besides obviously needing the CNH and RG, you will need to present the Green Card, because if you do not have it you will run a great risk of being fined or forced to return back to Brazil!

The Green Card is similar to our DPVAT, it is a Mercosur insurance that covers property and personal injury caused to third parties, but does not cover damage to the car!

In addition to 50% of attorney's fees if required. Quietly the Green Card can be made in Brazil!

Rules on the use of the Green Card:

  • The insurance loses its effect if the driver is caught under the effects of drugs or alcohol, is unlicensed (CNH) or participates in "cracks"!
  • If they are not insured when requested, drivers may be refused entry!
  • The vehicle document must be in the driver's name, or the driver must be accompanied with the vehicle owner! If the owner is not present, entry to Argentina is not possible!

Mandatory rules for car entry:

  • Be properly equipped with fire extinguisher, 2 warning triangles, first aid kit, cambão or 'firing bar', removable ball coupling that must be removed when not in use!
  • While driving don't forget to keep your headlights on!
  • Find out how up-to-date vehicle regulations are in information provided by the customs police!

What are the documents to enter Paraguay?

What are the documents to enter Argentina and Paraguay?

Illustrative Image (Credits: Pixabay)

The passage to Paraguay is certainly lighter, because the inspection is not as strict as in the country of hermanos or in Brazil itself, also to have no problems at the border you must have these documents required to enter Paraguay:

1- RG updated 10 years

2- CNH in force

3- Green Card (If driving with your car)

4- If you have unaccompanied children from parents; You must have notarized authorization signed by both legal guardians, if you are with only one parent, must have the other authorization, registered and signed in the notary!

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What NO is accepted as identification:

  • Birth certificate: This document cannot be presented to replace your passport or ID! So stay tuned! This rule also applies to minors and newborns!
  • Professional ID Cards: OAB, CRM and etc.
  • CPF
  • * CNH:Already in the Driver's License there is an exception, which is the entry into Puerto Iguazú-Argentina!
  • Others!

For foreigns:

For travelers from other nationalities who want to enter Argentina, Paraguay or another Mercosur destination, tourists will be asked to:

  • Passport ou
  • Passport accompanied by Consular Visa (when requested by the national authority concerned).

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What are the documents to enter Argentina and Paraguay?

Photo courtesy of the attraction - Argentine Falls

Now that you know what documents you need to get to Paraguay and you won't have a problem getting all your documents to get to Argentina, it's time to pack, check in at a good hotel and enjoy the trip. ?

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