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Puerto Iguazú: 7 Experiences you find in Argentina!

We bet you know many tours in Foz do Iguaçu, but coming to the Triple Frontier you may want to enjoy more than just the city, so for you who want to know more about the region we have 8 experiences you can do during your trip in Puerto Iguazu!

Tours and attractions you can do in Puerto Iguazú:

Want to know more than you can do in Puerto Iguazu? Then check out this list with us!

1- Argentine Falls

Puerto Iguazú: 7 Experiences you find in Argentina!

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In the Iguazú National Park, in the Argentine Falls, are two thirds of the total of the Iguazu Falls, many people recommend this tour for those who want to explore more of the Falls, as this adventure has different angles and perceptions than those seen on the Brazilian side. At Argentine Falls, you can stay above and below the falls, while still exploring the forest where most secret waterfalls lurk!

Its magnificent experience and proximity to nature is remarkable, but this is a much more tiring and long ride than the one done on the Brazilian side. For there they have some extensive trails, with 1,4 km of walking on the Lower Ride below the Falls; having 1,7 km of walking on the Upper Ride of the Falls and the main one in Devil's Throat that can only be accessed by the park's ecological train!

Ideally, you spend a whole day there if you want to do all the trails! If not, you can save your ticket from the tour you took and get the next day a discount by buying another tour of Iguazú National Park!

Enjoy the trails, the forest, the waterfalls, the beauty of the place, as well as boat trips close to the fiercest falls, such as the phenomenal La Gran Aventura ride!

2- Iguazú Casino

Puerto Iguazú: 7 Experiences you find in Argentina!

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One of the most famous casinos in the Puerto Iguazú region is undoubtedly the Casino Iguazú, attached to the luxurious Hotel Iguazú, this Puerto Iguazu casino is well advertised right here in our city of Foz do Iguaçu!

Staying right at the entrance of the Argentine country, after passing the BrasilxArgentina customs, you can easily find this casino! There you can test your luck in various games of chance!

Having more than 34 gaming tables such as the famous Poker, Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, Texas Hold'em with several progressive prizes, there are also video and mechanical games, slot machines, 10 electronic terminals with traditional roulette, tournament room, custom VIP lounge and more!

If you are a lover of these types of games, going there will be an interesting ride to put more fun on your trip! Remembering that in Casino Iguazú is prohibited the entry of children under 18!

3- Duty Free Puerto Iguazu

Puerto Iguazú: 7 Experiences you find in Argentina!

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Also right at the entrance of Puerto Iguazú, we find this huge mall of imported products! Duty Free in high seasons simply crowds customers, looking forward to worthwhile promotions and offers! Because there are many products from many original brands, ranging in food, drinks, perfumes, electronics and more!

But if you are not in the mood to spend, you can visit the site knowing the personalized scenarios of each sector, is an interesting tour for those who like to know new places, and if you want to do more programs during the day you can after all stop by It can be really cool there!

4- Feirinha of Puerto Iguazu

Puerto Iguazú: 7 Experiences you find in Argentina!

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To taste the local aromas, tastes and seasonings, an interesting experience is to go to the Puerto Iguazu Fair at night, where you can find many spices, such as wines, chocolates, sweets, clothes, olives, kiosks, beer gardens and more within the neighboring country!

Be careful with the conversation values ​​of the currencies, because in Feirinha the products are sold in Argentine pesos, so it is important to pay attention to the amount of taxes charged by the product you will take!

One recommendation is that if you want to save money, you should exchange the pesos for pesos before you even start shopping!


5- Ice Bar Iguazú

Puerto Iguazú: 7 Experiences you find in Argentina!

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A freezing adventure awaits you on this Iguazú Ice Bar tour!

Where besides being able to photograph yourself with the figures of pure ice, in the scenario full of frozen sculptures you enjoy alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks with music and animation at nothing more than -10 º C temperature!

At the Iguazu Ice Bar, with gloves and coats, your visitors feel the cold weather while drinking and playing during 30 chilling minutes of walking!

If you don't know we have more ice bars in the area! Learn more about them in the following article:


6- Three Borders Milestone Argentina

With free admission, this trip to the Three Borders Landmark by the Argentine side is very cool, while we have the Brazilian version with the view of Foz do Iguaçu, from there we have the view of the Triple Border by the Argentine version, marked by the white and blue obelisk. , this tour is beautiful and interesting like the one made here in our country!

Besides that from there, you can do any other tours you want! Of course, consulting their value, as only the visit to Marco Argentino is free!

Address: Rio Iguazu Avenue and Tres Fronteras Avenue, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina


7- The Argentine Experience

A very cool attraction that we easily find in the Puerto Iguazú region is The Argentine Experience, where the mysterious restaurant hides an incredible attraction!

Its differential is that its customers can participate in the preparation of some dishes, learn a lot about the gastronomy and culture of Argentina, while having fun and playing with their friends, family or who want to take for this tour!

The focus of The Argentine Experience is to bring a striking memory of regional culture, moments of fun and relaxation to its customers.

It's a very nice ride, and very fed up with food and delicacies!

So prepare your taste buds, belly and energy to get your hands dirty and prepare delicious dishes for yourself!

Drink wonderful Argentine wines, cool drinks, taste the seasoning and regional flavor in simply lovely dishes, it's a very tasty adventure for the first time tasting there, and the experience is made with more people at the big table, giving beyond the taste of cooking an opportunity for people to socialize and have fun together!

Information for you to go to Puerto Iguazú:

  • Address: Puerto Iguazú is a city in Argentina, located in the province of Misiones!

The city is part of the Triple Border, Puerto Iguazú is only 18 km from the Iguazu Falls, being only separated from Foz do Iguaçu by the Iguaçu River! Where this is the passage between the two countries by the Tancredo Neves International Bridge, which connects the highways of BR 469 to RN 12!

  • Documentation: To go to Puerto Iguazú you must be very careful with the documentation! For to cross the border the inspection is stricter!

Take updated RG at most 10 years! CNH updated if you are driving, and Green Card for the same case!

  • Present all documentation at customs to have no possible inconvenience!
  • If you bring children do not forget the documentation of the same, and if you are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, to take the child must have a permission signed in the notary!

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