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Schedule yourself not to spend the rest of the Holiday at home

Schedule yourself not to spend the rest of the Holiday at home

Today Tuesday of Carnival, holiday, make no mistake thinking that you can no longer enjoy your day off.
Here are some tips to enjoy alone or as a family.

Gramadão da Vila A
The schedule can be varied: practice exercises, cycling or skating, enjoy the scenery or even better, gather friends for a picnic with many delights. Do not forget to take a small bag to collect the garbage and keep the place clean for the next meetings.

Carnival of Saudade
Free entry, the event will happen from the 15h and goes to the 22h, in the street Marechal Deodoro. See the complete schedule:
15h - Concentration of Blocks
15h30 - Carnival Band Three Frontiers with Luana Costa
17h - Canja do Galo Inácio

In this day of very hot and sunny nothing better than contact with the water, relaxing and invigorating ride. But you have to be careful, in the summer the increase of rains causes that the volume of water of the rivers gets higher and the current stronger. Inquire beforehand if the visit is allowed, if the entrance is free or what the amount charged.

Perfect ride to go alone, with friends, family, boyfriend and the like, it has option for all tastes and ages. Now in our city we have 02 malls, JL Falls and Catuaí Palladium, both will have 14h attendance at 20h in stores and food plaza from 11h to 23h.

Tourism in the sights
These can not be left out, Itaipu, Bird Park, Waterfalls, Paraguay and Argentina, nothing beats enjoying the day and doing these rides.

Options are not lacking, now you can leave the house and do a different program.

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