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Squares of Foz must earn free internet until the end of 2015!

According to the city hall, signal in the Park Remador is already in operation

by: AMN 

The City of Foz do Iguaçu, through the Information Technology Secretariat, is putting into practice one of the projects of the mayor Reni Pereira, to install in virtually all public spaces, such as squares and parks, free internet signal to the population.

In the Park Remador the wifi is already working without password, because the signal is open. The deadline is that by the end of this year the Municipality is making the internet available in all other places.

According to the municipal secretary of Information Technology, Melquizedeque Souza, the Municipality will make an investment of about R $ 500 thousand to install the internet in all chosen points, such as Peace Square, Bible Square, Miter Square, Monjolo Park and the parks where the skating rinks are being built, in partnership with the Sports Department.

The first park to receive the wifi was Parque Remador, located in the Porto Meira neighborhood. The signal is open and does not need a password to navigate. Residents and visitors to the park can now surf the internet for free.

For now, the city is releasing access without a password, but the intention is to install an application that will require a registration before entering the internet. "This registration will allow us greater control of the number of people who are accessing and hours used," said the secretary.

The plan is to install the program in other squares and parks over the next few months. "We believe that by the end of 2015 we will be completing the installation in these public spaces, allowing free access to the internet, both for the population of Foz do Iguaçu and for tourists who visit us regularly," emphasized Melquizedeque Souza.

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