Luau of the Falls in Argentina

The Luau in the Argentine Falls will mark your life. After all, do you want a more romantic and exciting moment than this? The Argentine Falls, as well as the Brazilian falls, are part of one of the most beautiful and exciting landscapes in the world. And Foz do Iguaçu is the only Brazilian place that allows so quickly access to the Argentine Falls.
The Luau tour of the Argentinean Falls is a must. During the hike through the trails you can see the silvery rainbow and hear only the sound of nature. The visit is carried out in the period of full moon. It is a romantic version of the jumps, that transform into a beautiful silver scene.
The night of the full moon, the brightness of the voluminous waterfalls and the atmosphere of nature are the protagonists of this night trip to the Iguassu National Park. It is without a shadow of doubt a wonder of nature!

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