Feirinha of Puerto Iguazú

Foz do Iguaçu can be considered a unique city, and a good example of this is the opportunity it offers to tourists to shop in Argentina. In Puerto Iguazú you will be delighted with the Argentine fair, and you can taste the cuisine of the region. Here you will find olives stuffed with salami, palmito, garlic, cheeses of various kinds, candies, alfajor, and of course the delicious Argentinean wine.
Feirinha de Argentina has places that offer tables and chairs, allowing you to rest while enjoying the cold options that the place has, accompanied by a good beer of the region. An excellent tip is the pastels of the feirinha, which are known by Brazilians, and often leave visitors with mouth watering.
Approved and recommended for those who live in the area, and for those who are visiting. The feirinha is in the commercial center of Puerto Iguazú, besides being surrounded by bars and restaurants. A good option to enjoy a bit of Argentine nightlife.

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