Itaipu Astronomy Hub

Installed in the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI), the Casimiro Montenegro Filho Astronomical Pole is one of the few complexes in the world to gather, in a fully integrated, planetary and astronomical observatory. It is a new tourist and educational attraction of Foz do Iguaçu.
The script of the Astronomical Pole consists of:

- Planetarium: which presents a thematic session of a virtual sky in excellent conditions for observations, which varies according to the time of year;
- Observatory: it is the place where by means of a reflecting telescope, installed in a dome of six meters of diameter, it is possible to observe the night sky. But on rainy and cloudy days there is no observation;
- Space Universe: are replicate exhibits in miniatures of space probes, globe of planets and prototypes of astronomy
- Observation platform with the naked eye: it is the space destined to the practices of astronomy without equipment, being able to observe the starry sky and to understand the concept of constellation, and to differentiate the various types of stars visible in the period.

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