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Bela Vista Biological Shelter

How is the ride at the Bela Vista Biological Refuge?

The tour starts in a cart, it leaves the Visitor Reception Center and goes around the Piracema Canal to the Refugio buildings. Guided tour that includes walking of 2km through a native forest trail in the Bela Vista Biological Refuge, a true sanctuary of species. native, many of them protected here since the formation of Lake Itaipu.
During the tour, many specimens of the most 960 species can be sighted, as well as several species of protected animals, such as ocelot, alligator, hawk, king vulture, karate, red macaw, jabuti, owl, snake and monkey-nail.
In the script of the tour, there are also the famous jaguars, who found in the Biological Refuge a new home, and that can be seen very closely, separated from the visitors only by a glass wall.

All spaces use alternative energy sources and were built on green architecture concepts. The itinerary follows a 2 km hike on a trail through native forest and involves lessons in environmental education.

Duration of the tour and times:

• The duration of the tour is on average 2h and a half

• Hours are Tuesday through Sunday: 8h30, 9h30, 10h30, 13h30, 14h30, 15h30

• The tour has limited spaces, so book your visit in advance!


• Buy your ticket in advance

• Respect Conservation Unit safety standards

• Wear comfortable clothes for the ride

• Access with large bags and backpacks is prohibited

• You will only have access to the tour through the Itaipu Visitor Reception Center.

Tickets for the Bela Vista Biological Refugio:

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