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Foz do Iguaçu Wax Museum


The Wax Museum of Foz do Iguaçu was inaugurated in 2013 as part of the Park Show tourist complex that includes other attractions such as: Vale dos Dinosaurs, Wonders of the World, Super Cars and Dreams Ice Bar. These attractions enchant all tourists who visit the mouth, bringing even more credibility to the city.

Dreams Entertainment Group is the group responsible for the Dreamland (Wax Museum), with physical units installed in the cities of Foz do Iguaçu and Gramado. The Gramado unit was inaugurated in the year 2009, considered the first Latin American wax museum, focused on entertainment.

Wax Museum

One of the best attractions of the city of Foz do Iguaçu, in Dreamland are the exhibitions at the Wax Museum of the main Hollywood artists that have marked the cinema in the fictional scenario as Terminator, Catwoman, Spiderman, Joker and T 800. several others you need to know, each with its thematic setting, up to big names in music such as Michael Jackson, James Bond, Fred Mercury, and the great Monarch Queen Elizabeth II, the Museum is constantly changing, each time with new characters to satisfy the visitors. The Dreamland team offers at an additional cost, themed photos with the characters the way you prefer, in addition to entering the scenery and feel part of the film, the photos are usually very creative, with the frame customized according to the artist you to choose.

The Museum offers other entertainments that are worth knowing!

Dreamland wraps other 3 attractive!

Valley of the Dinosaurs

Made especially for fans of the Jurassic Park movie, or interested in the great creatures considered the world's pioneers, the Dreamland theme area "Valley of the Dinosaurs" is an outdoor area that has several species of dinosaurs, of various sizes, that captivates all who see the place, to make everything more realistic besides moving the dinosaurs imitate identical sounds making the valley more impressive, each species contains an information board, with the name and other curiosities of each of them, the valley is inside of a forest that contains an enormous source of water that is just at the entrance of the place, is very worth to know it.

World wonders

One of the newly created industries. Dreamland has chosen a thematic area called Wonders of the World, in it are all the main sights of the world, an exhibition created in the form of miniatures of the attractions of each country, some of them are, London with the famous Windsor Castle of the British monarchy, the phone booths, and the big bridge with the clock tower (Big Ben).

Colosseum in Italy, with memories of various fights between gladiators. Wall of China, synonymous with protection of the Chinese empire. White House in the United States next to the Statue of Liberty, among other monuments in the world. Thematic area was created with the intention of showing the wonders of the world by Foz do Iguaçu and being the cede of one of them 7 Wonders of Nature (Iguaçu Falls).

Dreamland Super Cars

The Super Cars has luxury car shows, especially for you who are classics lovers and fascinated in machines, in addition to them, there is another fictional area attraction that involves a lot of children is Bamblebee, star of the movie "Transformes", a Camaro yellow that turns into a robot. At the entrance to the Dreamland, it catches the attention of tourists with many photos, becoming the first attraction to attract attention of tourists.

Dreams Ice Bar

The Ice Bar is an ice bar, especially for those who like a very cold drink, the bar has DJ's on weekends, and there are over 50 tons of ice spread around the 110 m² of built area, between walls, tables and banks, with temperatures ranging from -10 ° C to -15 ° C.

The bar offers thermal and thermal clothing rentals, and an 45min open bar is included in the ticket, so you can try out all the drinks that the attraction offers. Foz do Iguaçu is a hot city, and without doubt the attraction is a great choice to escape the heat.

Dreamland opening hours for attractions: Wax Museum, Wonders of the World, Valley of the Dinosaurs and Super Cars, every day of 08h in the morning and closing 22h at night.

The Dreams Ice bar works at different times: Every day from 10h in the morning to 23h at night.

Address: Av. Das Cataratas, 8100 - Vila Yolanda, Foz do Iguaçu - PR


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