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3D Museum

3D Museum

The large 3D Planet Museum located in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, contains more than 100 paintings made with three-dimensional techniques that transcend the optical illusion effect, offering visitors a very fun experience from different perspectives. Playing with their imagination, visitors can pose in the places indicated and take amazing photos!

The Museum was inaugurated in the year of 2016, and still features an interactive game room and mazes of mirrors. The place offers a unique experience to its visitors, is perfect for all ages. The attraction is also the first 3D museum in Latin America and considered the 4 ° in the world to be built inside a shopping center.


Located inside the Paris Shopping Mall in Ciudad del Este, the 3D museum took more than a year to open, further enhancing the public's curiosity. The delay therefore resorted to 40 artists from various parts of the world, contributed with their works to the realization of the most 100 paintings that made sense from the techniques that create and expand the optical illusion, manipulating the perspective of visitors , and allowing the works to pass the impression that the landscape in the background is real.

With more than 4 thousand square meters, the museum is divided into 10 rooms which are organized in 5 distinct sectors:

Green Sector

Visitors will find three-dimensional paintings by world artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Pierre Auguste Renoir, among others, also find paintings of animals and representations on the history of Paraguay that can be seen in this sector.

Red Sector

in this sector there are several wonders of the world through paintings of the Wall of China, Machu Picchu and even the Iguassu Falls. More technological rooms with interactivity made up of electronic games and virtual reality can also be used in this sector.

Blue Sector

with paintings in the thematic war on the stars, the blue sector still covers the Italy room that provides visitors a trip directly to Venice!

Sector Orange

The Maze of Mirrors is a unique attraction that visitors can take advantage of. You can also see paintings on the land of animals and enjoy a video room.

Yellow Sector

The yellow sector is ideal for lovers of the Renaissance movement. Ruled by the Renaissance theme, with paintings inspired by the most famous works of the movement is the most inspiring part of the museum.

How does the tour work?

Before the tour begins, visitors receive some guidance and instructions on how it works, how to behave in attraction, and a short video explaining with suggestions and demonstrations of places and idea for the photos. In order not to damage the paintings the visitors use a protection in the feet that must be used because in some places the visitors walk on top of the paintings.

The tour starts through the green sector, traversing all sectors in succession. So that people do not feel doubts or difficulties to realize the illusory images, in the paintings they also offer demarcations in the ground to facilitate at the time of the photos and thus to leave with the desired effect! There are also on-site attentive monitors ready to answer any queries and assist in the photographs if you are alone or want help with taking pictures.

Tips to enjoy the ride better

The ride to the 3D Museum is liberated for all ages being in addition to being a great entertainment for the whole family!

At the entrance of the attraction there are free umbrellas to make you feel more comfortable when taking the tour and taking lots of photos!

Wear comfortable clothing that can get dirty, as some paintings depend on whether you sit or lie down to make a great photo with the desired effect!

Choose a quieter and more free day because the museum is great, and to enjoy the tour better I recommend that you go with time to spare.

Another nice detail is that the Shopping Paris where the 3D Museum is located has free parking, making it even easier to get around the country.

Opening Hours

The 3D Museum is open every day from Monday to Friday from 12h to 20h and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10h to 21h.

remembering that Paraguay has 1h less than Brazil.

Where is the 3D Museum?

The 3D museum is located in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, near the Friendship Bridge and Paraguayan customs inside Shopping Paris!

Address: Av. Luis María Argaña / 2 ° floor of Shopping Paris.

What should I know before going to the 3D Museum?

As the 3D museum is located outside the country, visitors should pay attention to the documentation required to avoid problems during immigration such as RG or CNH.

Minors of 18 years must carry a judicial authorization to cross the borders, even if accompanied by a parent.

Brazilian visitors must be with the original RG or passport to cross the border (No other documents are accepted).

Choose a quieter day for the ride so you do not get much movement across the Friendship Bridge.

How to hire the tour?

A Combo Iguassu offers tickets to the 3D Museum with the best prices and installments! Just contact the agency attached to Hotel Tarobá, Pop Hotel or Hotel Mirante, to hire the tour or just make the withdrawal of the vouchers if you opt for the purchase option through our website! Tickets can also be delivered to any hotel with a R $ delivery fee.

The amounts are parceled up to 10x without interest!

To know more about the prices go to: Combo Iguassu Tourism

Caution: Ticket values ​​do not include transportation to the venue! When presenting the voucher at the box office of the attraction is necessary to present identification document.

A Combo Iguassu Agency answers daily from Monday to Saturday from 07h00 to 19h00 and on Sundays from 07h00 to 11h00 with differentiated times for the holidays.