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Three Borders Framework

Marco das Três Fronteiras is a tour that definitely cannot be left out of the itinerary of those visiting Foz do Iguaçu.

Inaugurated in 1903, the destination is special because it brings together, in one place, the meeting of three great nations of Latin America: Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.

In other words, it is a 3 in 1 tour that offers attractions with the best of each of these countries.

So if you have plans to stop by in the city of Cataract, be sure to check out our article on the Marco das Três Fronteiras.

From now on, we will tell you all about the place and give you tips on the main attractions you will find there.

Let's start?

Where is the Triple Border?

landmark of the three frontiers cataratas do iguaçu

Meeting of the Triple Frontier - Photo by Marcos Labanca

The Triple Border is located in Foz do Iguacu, the birthplace of the most famous waterfalls in the world.

The place takes its name precisely because it is the meeting point of the border between three countries: Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

And it is in the Triple Border that we will find the Marco das Três Fronteiras, a very important tourist spot in the region, with several attractions that refer to the culture of the three countries.

The Brazilian side of the landmark, in turn, is represented by a green and yellow Obelisk, from where it is possible to watch the meeting of two important rivers: the Iguaçu River, whose banks bathe the Argentine Marco, and the Paraná River, which bathe the Paraguayan mark.

The three landmarks, then, were a beautiful equilateral triangle to behold!

But not only that.

Anyone who ventures on this tour has the opportunity to get to know the best of local gastronomy, history, curiosities, museums and typical dances, as well as an incredible sunset.

What are the Triple Border countries?

What are the Triple Border countries?

Marco das Três Fronteiras by day - Photo provided by the attraction

As we already mentioned, the countries that went to the Triple Border in Foz do Iguaçu are Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, making access to each one of them just a few steps away.

How much does admission to Marco das Três Fronteiras cost?

The full price of the ticket that gives access to the landmark is R $ 26,50.

The value for students, the elderly or children is R $ 13,25.

Tickets can be purchased online, on the official website for sale of the Marco das Três Fronteiras.

Optionally, a good idea is to hire the tour complete, with transportation and admission, from the Combo Iguassu.

Itinerary for walking in the Marco das Três Fronteiras

landmark of the three borders tourist attraction in paraná

Marco das Três Fronteiras - Photo by Marcos Labanca

The small scenic village of Marco das Três Fronteiras has as its theme the old Jesuit missions and is full of attractions for tourists of all ages.

Recently, Marco underwent a revitalization and is even more charming.

So, if you've been touring the area for some time, it's time to go back!

5 things to see at the Marco das Três Fronteiras

Now, just take a look at the must-see attractions of the place!

1. History of the Falls

The landmark offers a show of local history and culture.

At the Memorial Cabeza de Vaca, for example, the visitor has the opportunity to learn in detail how the discovery of Iguaçu Falls was, back in 1541, by the Spanish Álvar Nunez Cabeza.

2. Light and water show

As day falls, the waters of the fountain under the obelisk form a beautiful spectacle of colored lights.

Along with the sunset, the scenery yields impressive photos and unforgettable moments.

landmark show of the three borders

Artistic presentations at Marco - Photo by Marcos Labanca

3. Gastronomy

The place also reserves, of course, the best of local cuisine.

The Cabeza de Vaca restaurant is the most popular in the region, but you will also find food trucks, draft beer kiosks, tapioca stalls and hot dogs, among others.

4. Sunset + Dance Shows

The sunset at the landmark is certainly an attraction in itself.

Overlooking the Iguaçu and Paraná rivers, the scenery that forms when the afternoon starts to leave is worthy of applause.

Meanwhile, dance shows complement the landscape.

5. Amusement Park

For who is traveling in family, nothing better than being able to count on a park to guarantee the fun of the children.

Did you like the suggestions?

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How long is the tour at the Three Borders Marco?

Restaurant at Marco das 3 Fronteiras

Restaurante no Marco - Photo by Marcos Labanca

In general, in just one hour, you can get around all the attractions of Marco das Três Fronteiras.

However, if the idea is to stretch until sunset or watch the main cultural shows, this time can extend for a few more hours.

Everything will depend on your interest and availability.

What else to know in Foz do Iguaçu?

If you were excited to visit the Triple Border, know that there are still many more incredible attractions in Foz do Iguaçu.

Check out some of them!

  • Waterfalls of Iguaçu: considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the most famous waterfalls on the planet are formed by a set of 275 waterfalls - some even measure over 80 meters!
  • Bird Park: another excellent tour for nature and ecotourism lovers, the Bird Park is the only institution in the world focused on the conservation of Atlantic Forest birds
  • Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant: one of the most important dams in the world, the plant has an immense variety of tourist attractions, such as the light show, panoramic visit, ecomuseum, gastronomic pole and Itaipu Kids
  • Visit Paraguay and Argentina: how about going beyond the Marco das Três Fronteiras and meeting our neighbors? While in Paraguay we have the shopping paradise, in Argentina, you can enjoy the best of local cuisine
  • Budhist temple: the place is perfect for relaxing, with over 100 buddhist statues, beautiful gardens and incredible views of the city.

Where to stay when traveling to Foz do Iguaçu?

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Conclusion: Landmark of the Three Borders

Walk at the Marco das Três Fronteiras

Entrance to the Marco das Três Fronteiras - Photo provided by the attraction

The tour of the Marco das Três Fronteiras is a must because it guarantees an incredible immersion in the culture and history of neighboring countries Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

In addition to the attractions offered to the whole family, the visit is also contemplated by the beautiful nature, with the meeting of two rivers and an unforgettable sunset.

But anyone visiting Foz do Iguaçu has the privilege of knowing much more.

From the majestic waterfalls to the attractions of the giant Itaipu, a tour of the region is always highly appreciated.

And then? What are you waiting for to plan your trip of the year?

When the time comes, be sure to include the Hotel Tarobá in your script.

See you!