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Macuco Safari Foz do Iguaçu

REQUIRED to go to the Macuco Safari tour when you come to Foz do Iguaçu, after all, it is impossible not to venture into this unfunny attraction that gives the little belly just thinking.

In addition to providing you with an incredible tour, Macuco Safari always seeks to conduct a tour with the minimum impact to nature, with sustainability concepts and with commitment and responsibility to the safety of everyone.


The Macuco Safari tour starts in an electric vehicle during 3km, resembling a jeep, on a path in the middle of the National Park, surrounded by rich local flora and fauna, all accompanied by professional tour guides.

Then the walk proceeds with a walk from 600m, past the Macuco Falls, a waterfall of 20m high.

After the passage through the beautiful waterfall all are destined to beiro of the Iguaçu River with a dazzling landscape in the middle of the forest and then yes, begins the most adventurous part in the water towards the falls.


All groups of visitors are accompanied by at least one tour guide, the same is professional in the branch and multilingual. During the tour, from the entrance of the National Park to the end in the same, the guides accompany, sometimes taking turns, to give full support to the tourists, passing several information about the National Park and several instructions that must be followed, since the place is a Conservation Unit of the Atlantic Forest.

Duration of the tour

The whole tour of Macuco Safari usually has a duration close to 1h30, counting from the first part of the tour, which is done in the jeep.


Macuco Safari varies the price according to the place you make the purchase.

Tickets for the Macuco Safari tour can be purchased directly at the ticket office or with a travel agency, such as Combo Iguassu.

Not attractive: it tends to be time consuming, since there is a lot of queue at the box office, especially in high season, with flat prices and without flexibility.

Combo Iguassu (tourism agency): Usually has a value below the value sold directly at attractive, with discounts or promotions. Besides the savings in the pocket, it also saves time in the box office line, because in Combo Iguassu for example, the service is done by several attendants, with differentiated service and can also install in up to 10x.


Primordial to go in light and comfortable clothes, comfortable sneakers or open and safe shoes. Carrying a change of clothes with you to be changed after the tour is also important, after all, this tour goes through waterfalls, and as the saying goes, "if it's rain it's to get wet", and it gets wet EVEN huh.

Where is

The Macuco Safari is located on Avenida das Cataratas, Km 25. You start it the same way as when you take the walk of the Falls, entering the visitors area and taking the panoramic bus. It is still located within the Iguaçu National Park, an area of ​​preservation of the Atlantic Forest of species of local flora and fauna.


The Macuco Safari Tour has the certificate of Adventure Tourism - Safety Management System - NBR 15331, issued by ABNT showing the seriousness with which it deals with the safety of the tourists who visit the attraction.

In the boat, everyone is given a vest in case they fall into the water, which is not usually the case, the person does not drown.

Ride for everyone

The Macuco Safari guarantees access to the tour with structures adapted to people with special needs (PNE), especially the wheelchair users. The cleanliness is also open and accessible for children and the elderly. The part of the walk can be replaced by the prolongation of the ride with the jeep, this facilitates for those who can have some difficulty in locomotion on foot.


Even if you put the raincoat on, as the boat can pass under the falls, it will get wet! So get ready for it;

Take electronic gadgets in waterproof cases or safe bags so they do not get wet;

Do not forget to bring a change of clothes, a slipper and a towel, after the bath in the water you will need to change;

If you do not have waterproof electronics, there are photographers who take pictures and in the end you can buy them;

The tour is completely open air so do not forget to repellent and sunscreen;

Macuco Safari offers a well-priced storage area for storing your belongings that you want to remain dry;

Do not forget to count on Combo Iguassu for this tour to be even more incredible, saving time and money.