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La Aripuca

La aripuca

La Aripuca is a project with the sole objective of awakening the ecological conscience, and that was constructed with giant logs of trees of several species. This action is a replica of the giant Arapuca, an indigenous trap used to catch small animals.

The tourist spot is a trap that captures man's attention to the preservation of flora. A true living school, where tourists have a lesson on trees, their scientific names, and their origins. The attraction offers a collection of over 30 species of woods from the northern province of Missiones - which also houses the Argentine side of the Iguazu National Park. La Aripuca impresses with its size.

It has 17 meters high by 60 in diameter. Size that allows you to see it still from the International Route, highway at the exit of Puerto Iguazú.

How is the ride and its duration?

The tour is very quiet, and begins with a guide that explains the main information about the attraction.

The tour has an average of 1 hour, with a brief walk through an environment surrounded by nature, focusing on the structure of "La Aripuca" that one of the main structures of the site.

Schedule and prices of this tour:

To enter the site, you must pay a fee, which can be paid by card or cash such as dollar, reais or Argentine pesos.

You can visit the site daily from 9h to 18h Argentina Time, on weekends and also holidays. The currencies you can exchange at the currency exchange Hotel Tarobá, having more comfort and tranquility without leaving the hotel.

How to get to La Aripuca?

To go there, you have to go through the customs office in Argentina - as if it were a dry port, where you have to present one of these main documents (RG, CNH and Passport), done that, just leave until La Aripuca.

You can go with your car if you come or hire the services of Iguaçu Combo, which takes you all over the city, including neighboring countries like Argentina and Paraguay.

More about La Aripuca:

La Aripuca has more or less 17 meters high and approximately 500.000 kg. This tourist spot represents the way that the natives captured the animals for consumption, in the form of a claw, that same instrument allows the animal to be released if it does not give to be consumed.

This space has 4 structures: Tacurú - Pedaço de Pedra - a handicraft store, which was built with local stones with rustic aesthetics. In this same place you also have the Yateí - Plan of the Family of Las Palmas - store of local products built with a rural dwelling. Calm down, it's not over yet, for you to be more satisfied, there's another store that's a, Cucurucho - stuff wrapped in a cone that can hold several things - that stands out among the other stores for selling juices and ice cream and last you has the Termites - termite, great damage in the wood - restaurant that serves lunches and snacks with deliveries of the region.