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Enjoy a beautiful walk along Lake Itaipu. The charms of Lake Itaipu can now be contemplated by tourists and locals in an unforgettable boat trip. The Kattamaram brings together comfort and refinement for a memorable journey through the beauties of the reservoir of the world's largest hydropower plant in renewable energy generation.

Equipped with total infrastructure, the boat has: covered deck, American bar and solarium. On this tour you can contemplate one of the most beautiful sunsets in the city!

The Kattamaram Port is the artificial reservoir pier of Itaipu, formed by the Paraná River with the construction of the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant! On site, visitors can appreciate the magnificent view that Lake Itaipu provides during the day or at sunset and embark on a navigation for its 12km extension on board a luxurious Kattamaram state-of-the-art! On the pier, visitors can enjoy a wonderful restaurant that promotes moments of tranquility due to its fascinating view.

Structure of Kattamaram

With 12 kilometers long and about 180 meters deep, the Itaipu Lake that divides Brazil and Paraguay was formed on the Paraná River after the construction of the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant and therefore, Kattamaram Port is located inside the hydroelectric power plant making part of the Itaipu Binacional tourist complex!

Píer - Porto Kattamaram

On the pier, visitors will not only contemplate the beautiful view that Lake Itaipu provides, but they can also take the boat that takes visitors for an unforgettable ride along the reservoir.

Restaurant - Port Kattamaram

Taking the same name as the pier, the Port Kattamaram restaurant has a modern architecture with a quiet and comfortable atmosphere that provides great memories and relaxed moments for visitors. The excellent gastronomy of the place tied to the magnificent view, highlight the serenity that can be found in the environment. The restaurant has daily operation of 09 at 17hrs!

Kattamaram Vessel

With state-of-the-art naval technology, the Kattamaram is a safe and comfortable craft that provides unique moments for your visitors. The smooth and steady navigation of the boat due to the calm waters of Lake Itaipu is accompanied by live music and the wonderful view that the lake provides. With 35 meters of extension, the boat also has air-conditioned environment, covered deck, American bar and solarium plus two floors where, on the lower floor is offered a restaurant with varied menu ranging from appetizers to a

full meal, restrooms and the bar. Already upstairs, visitors can also take advantage of a bar and the open deck with tables and chairs arranged to contemplate the privileged view - especially during sunset. The vessel holds up to 200 people.

How is the tour in Port Kattamaram?

Started at the Itaipu Visitor Center, visitors are invited to watch an institutional video about the history and construction of the hydroelectric plant, after which they are all driven by the internal transportation of the Itaipu tourist complex to Port Kattamaram.

Arriving at the pier, visitors can enjoy the view of the Lake before boarding the Kattamaram itself. During all the navigation it is possible to observe the Hydroelectric Plant to the horizon, besides the natural landscape and the incredible view of the lake. Visitors will still have the opportunity to meet the Commander of the vessel in addition to visiting their cabin and of course, take some photos!

What are the tour schedules?

The navigations are held every hour from the 10hrs of the morning being the last tour the 17hrs. The tour of the 17hrs inclusive is what gives visitors the privileged and exuberant view of Lake Itaipu at sunset!

How long is the tour?

The tours count with 1h navigating by the Lake of Itaipu and in average 2hrs of duration due to the entrance in the Binational Itaipu and the arrival until Port Kattamaram!

Porto Kattamaram, prices and where to buy

Advance purchase of tickets is recommended as the tour has limited seats!

Note: Ticket values ​​do not include transportation to the venue! When presenting the voucher at the attraction box it is necessary to present identification document - different times for holidays.

The Itaipu Binacional

One of the most ambitious engineering projects in the world, recognized as one of the greatest achievements of modern engineering, the Itaipu Binacional Hydroelectric Power Plant still has the title of largest hydroelectric power plant in the world in clean and renewable energy generation! Built after an agreement between Brazil and Paraguay, the immense concrete structure of 8km long with 167 meters in height, changed the course of the Paraná River to produce electricity that until November of 2016, had already generated 2,4 billion megawatt hours, sufficient production to supply the whole world for 40 days, two hours and 45 minutes if it could be accumulated.

PTI Attractions

Panoramic Circuit

The Panoramic Circuit guarantees a unique visit to the Hydroelectric Power Plant. With a privileged view of the spillway and the Dam, the route also allows contact with nature and beautiful landscapes within the Itaipu complex as well as explanations about the operation of the plant.

Itaipu Special Circuit

Going through the interiors of the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world in power generation, in the special circuit it is possible to observe the majestic architecture of the plant besides the great and modern technological equipment used by the same in a much more complete way, being able to understand more in depth about the operation of the plant.

Illumination of the Itaipu Dam

A more traditional tour for visitors to Foz and region, the Itaipu Dam Lighting is released by the very energy produced by the power plant turns into a spectacle during the night tour where visitors can become aware of the grandiose construction made by man.

Astronomical pole

Located inside the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI), the Astronomical Pole Casimiro Montenegro Filho is one of the attractions that compose Itaipu, the Astronomical Pole is a science center with a focus on Astrology of the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant, known for contemplating the constellations and planets, the main activities are observation via telescope, observation with the naked eye, planetarium and classes on astronomy concepts.


Want to know more about the history of the Technological Park come to know a little about the Ecomuseum, it recreates the prehistoric scenarios about the construction of the plant, besides objects and pieces of the time that help to tell this story better, the village of Foz do Iguaçu is also present in the museum, it also has a back to the past guided by facilities and equipment that allow interaction and greater realism to the experience.

Biological refuge Beautiful view

Center for the preservation of fauna and flora where you learn more about environmental awareness, reforestation and animal care, and many lessons about the environment. The Bela Vista Biological refuge is a protection unit that receives thousands of plants and animals dislodged by the reservoir of the plant, animals that were rescued after the construction of Itaipu where they are protected until today by a specialized team of the Biological refuge


  • Entry of large bags and backpacks is prohibited; Small bags will be searched at the port entrance!
  • In the visitor center there are lockers for them to store their belongings if necessary.
  • On rainy days the tour is subject to cancellation due to strong winds or force majeure!
  • The Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant is a working plant! That is why it is important to respect safety standards for your own well-being.


The tickets for the tours Panoramic Tour, Dam Lighting and Dinner on the boat are not included in the ticket price and must be purchased separately!


Located at the ends of Foz do Iguaçu, the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant is located at Av. Tancredo Neves - 6702 about 14km from downtown! Thinking of your comfort and convenience we at Combo Iguassu also offer roundtrip transportation to and from Itaipu Binacional from any hotel in the city!

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Hours: Daily, depending on the time of the tour chosen at the Plant.

Tours conducted daily at: 10hrs, 11hrs, 12hrs, 13hrs, 14hrs, 15hrs, 16hrs, 17hrs.

Schedule subject to change!

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