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Feirinha of Puerto Iguazú

Feirinha of Puerto Iguazú!

Foz do Iguaçu is a city that opens doors to many different cultures, and a good example of this is the opportunity it offers tourists to shop in Argentina. In Puerto Iguazú you will be delighted with the Argentine fair, and you can taste the cuisine of the region.

In Argentina you will find olives stuffed with salami, palmito, garlic, cheeses of various kinds, sweets, alfajores, and of course the delicious Argentinean wine. Feirinha de Argentina has places that offer tables and chairs, allowing you to rest while enjoying the cold options that the place has, accompanied by a good beer of the region.

Puerto Iguazú is part of the Triple Border. The Argentinean town is located in the province of missiones, and receives many visitors throughout the year, which ended up conquering the heart of tourists because of its characteristic charm. With a small local shopping center 'La Feriña' or 'the fair of Puerto Iguazú' is no different, being one of the most sought after by the visitors of the Argentine city, the feirinha is one of the tours that can not be missed when visiting the Triple Border, Feirinha de Puerto Iguazú is a small and simple, but quite cozy commerce, staying in the center of the city and being surrounded by commercial establishments like shops and restaurants.

Unlike the traditional fairs we frequent, Feirinha de Puerto Iguazú has a unique charm, it is made up of several tents that sell regional products such as salami, cheeses and sausages, stuffed olives, canned peaches, wines, dulce de leche, alfajores, among others, bringing out a more rural and cozy air, especially for people who are accustomed to large cities and the rush of everyday life.

The place is also a good way to get to know and deepen the culture and traditions of Argentina and even Brazil. Its great differential is the possibility of being able to prove some products at the time to be sure of what to take and also of course the prices that are very inviting.

What to buy at the Puerto Iguazú Fair?

In the fair of Puerto Iguazu we find many products produced by the locals themselves, so it will be possible to find olives sold in bulk - and also in small pots - stuffed with salami, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, palmito, chimichurri and other condiments; cheeses and sausages; wines; salamis; canned peaches; seasonings and herbs; olive oils; alfajores; milk candy, among others.

Where to eat in Feirinha de Puerto Iguazú

With some bars and stalls, you can taste a good cold beer and also try the typical Argentinean empanadas or, a kind of cold plate called 'picada' consisting of small portions of salami, olives, cheeses and other condiments . Besides the tasting that you can enjoy while you shop in the fair, you can also take advantage of the small food court that exists on site. As the feirinha is in the central region of Puerto Iguazu you can also opt for local restaurants that surround the region!

An excellent tip is the pastels of the feirinha, which are known by Brazilians, and often leave visitors with mouth watering. Approved and recommended for those who live in the area, and for those who are visiting. The feirinha is in the commercial center of Puerto Iguazú, besides being surrounded by bars and restaurants. A good option to enjoy a bit of Argentine nightlife.

When is the Puerto Iguazú Fair open?

The Feirinha de Puerto Iguazú is open every day from 10h to 14h and from 16h to 23h (local time)! The trade has this time differentiated because the Argentines perform the 'Siesta', a brief nap in the early afternoon, traditional practice this, inherited from the Spanish colonizers, stay tuned for the hours to not get the fair closed!

What I should know before going to the Feirinha de Puerto Iguazú

Because it is located in Argentina, all visitors must be prepared to enter the country that is somewhat strict, being registered both the entry and exit of all immigrants, so be aware of the documentation required to have no problems during your stay. tour!

Documents needed to enter Argentina

The documents accepted for entry into the Argentine city are the originals with less than 10 years of shipping!

- Civil Identity Card (RG)

- Passport

- CNH (National Driver's License)

In no case will any documents such as Birth Certificate be accepted at customs! Thanks to the Tourism Facilitation Agreement, CNH can now be used by both Brazilians and foreigners residing in Brazil (as long as they have the RNE - foreigner's identity card) to carry out border traffic only in the city of Puerto Iguazu, with a maximum of 72 hours! Children and adolescents must also present a valid identity card or passport! This also applies to other identification documents issued by Brazil such as CPF, Professional Identification Cards, among others. In addition, unaccompanied minors of the parents must carry authorization for original international travel with firms recognized in the registry of both parents or just that which is absent! Remember such authorizations must contain 'expiration date' in addition to specifying the destination of the trip!

Forms of payment accepted at Feirinha de Puerto Iguazú

Some tents even accept international credit cards. Because many Brazilians attend the Feirinha de Puerto Iguazú, Argentines are already accustomed to receiving real, not having to change for the Argentine currency before going!

How to get to Puerto Iguazú Feirinha?

Located in the central region of the Argentinean city of Puerto Iguazú, Feirinha is at a distance of about 15km away from the central region of Foz do Iguaçu. With this in mind, for your comfort and convenience, Combo Iguassu offers the round trip transportation to Feirinha from any hotel in the city of Foz do Iguaçu!

- Transport on excursion, without guide accompaniment.

- Transportation is carried out by accredited drivers of the Iguassu Combo Agency.

- Prior appointment required with at least 01 day in advance.

- Values ​​(round-trip) valid for hotels within the transport route of the Combo Iguassu. Values ​​subject to consultation for off-route hotels.

Schedule: Daily, with exit to 18h30 and return to 22h30.

Schedules subject to change on special dates such as extended holidays.

To know more access the site: Combo Iguassu