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Shopping in Paraguay

Want to shop in Paraguay?

Go comfortably, safely and with accredited drivers from Iguassu Combo Agency!

Transportation offers a ready route to Paraguay, with a guide who knows the triple border from end to end, for an incredible day of shopping! THE Combo Iguassu, takes you with safe, air conditioned, comfortable and reliable vans to the bridge of friendship, where they offer a road map for your shopping. After buying everything you want, transportation back to Brazil in extreme safety and comfort, your only concern will be to take full advantage of the ride.

The first question that arises when going shopping in Paraguay is "What are the best loas?", Which is normal for those who do not know the Triple Frontier, after all, Paraguay is the biggest commercial center of the Triple Frontier, who never followed closely as it is a place of mass purchase, 25 March in São Paulo is a great example of this, to know better is just traveling to Foz do Iguassu and checking the advantages of buying in Paraguay. Remember to bring an extra buck if you want to buy other products than you planned to buy.

The stores are large, renowned, well known and very reliable in Paraguay, where you can easily buy ORIGINAL branded products with warranty, and even some offer a note in case you want to exchange the product.

It's just knowing where to buy, and if you know who has more knowledge about the border, with the Shopping Tour in Paraguay you get a certain script for these stores, the Combo Iguassu does not indicate that your purchases are made on street vendors if you wish to make a change in the future, if you want accessibility if your product gives an error, or even warranty and return.

Products that are bought on the street, in stalls, and are sent to some store, do not have any guarantees, most are not patented, or a quality seal, nor return, have no guarantee of exchange, and no guarantee that they are even originals.

What are the documents to enter Paraguay?

In Paraguay the passage is a bit easier than in Argentina, the inspection is not as strict as in Brazil. But it is necessary that you respect the laws of the country.

To enter is ID required, driver's license, and in case of minors under 18 accompanying, also identity and recognized authorization to migrate in another country.

Tips when shopping in Paraguay:

  1. Write a review!
  2. Prepare a list with your wishes in advance!
  3. Be with your documents in hand and up to date!
  4. Arrive early to do Shopping in Paraguay!
  5. Prioritize reliable stores.
  6. Shop for prices in various stores and on the internet before.
  7. For more expensive purchases, exchange your money for the dollar.
  8. For cheap shopping, get real!
  9. Care when shopping in Paraguay, especially with the Brazilian customs quota!
  10. The total quota of products can not exceed U $ 300,00.

Quantities allowed in Paraguay

  • - 25 cigar or cigarillo units;
  • - 10 packs (wallets and not packages) each containing 20 cigarettes;
  • - 12 liters of alcoholic beverages;
  • - 250 grams of smoke.

What to buy in Paraguay?

Paraguay Store Hours:

Products PROHIBITED from being purchased:

  • - Narcotic substances or drugs;
  • - tires;
  • - Goods whose quantity, nature or variety reveals commercial intent or industrial use; that is, if you buy many equal products in large quantities, you imply that you will resell.
  • - Cigarettes and beverages made in Brazil, intended for sale exclusively abroad;
  • - Medicines; of any kind, whether weight loss, hair supplements.
  • - weapons and ammunition; Whether TOY or real, with the appearance of real weapons is also seized.
  • - Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cigarettes and similar items when brought by a traveler under the age of eighteen;
  • - Hidden goods intended to circumvent surveillance.

Tips for taking the tour:

  1. And if you want to shop in Paraguay with comfort and safety, the Tarobá Hotel Foz recommends Cellshop in Paraguay.
  2. Visit the site and learn more about the most complete store in Paraguay: Cellshop !
  3. Drink plenty of water to hydrate.
  4. Use sunscreen even when the weather is cloudy.
  5. Do not accept information or tips from people's shops that approach on the street.
  6. Always buy from stores and malls that offer a guarantee.
  7. Avoid buying any product on the streets.
  8. Before leaving the store, test the product and see if the product you are carrying is the same one you purchased, open the box and check it out.
  9. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the walk.
  10. Check the required documentation before booking the tour

Disadvantages of buying without the Iguassu Combo:

  1. The store will charge you the commission from the "guide" that you accepted help and took you to the purchase.
  2. You can purchase defective products that are not visible first hand.
  3. You can buy some product that was refurbished, that is, it had a defect and it was neat, looking brand new, but it already has some time to use, but it is sold as new.
  4. Wrong information about the product is passed, just for you to make the purchase.
  5. You can buy a fake product, being sold as original.
  6. The purchase is not guaranteed, and even if the product is defective they may not exchange.
  7. The amount that the seller gives you may be less than the end, so you pay a little more than the combined.

Transport with the Iguassu Combo!

Exiting at 07h30 with return to 12h or leaving at 09h with return to 15h.

Open Hours: From Monday to Saturday.

  • Advance booking with at least 01 day in advance.
  • Transportation carried out by drivers of the Combo Iguassu Agency.
  • Schedules on special dates such as extended holidays can be changed.
  • Stay tuned for shopping quotas in Paraguay!

Want to know how the quota of purchases in Paraguay works? O Tarobá Hotel Foz explains!

The products in total, can not exceed the value of U $ 300,00 and if the quota is exceeded, the amount charged by the IRS is 50% of the surplus value, ie if your purchase was 400 dollars, 400 - 300 = 100, the amount charged will be 50 dollars.