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The Argentina Falls - Iguazu National Park

The Iguaçu Falls is one of the most important and wonderful attractions of the Triple Border, the falls are part of two countries, Brazil and Argentina. We at Tarobá Hotel always mention the Brazilian side quite a lot, and very little about the Argentine Falls, come and know more about the Iguazu Falls located in the Iguazu National Park in Argentina ...

Much of the Iguazu Falls are located in Argentine territory, the Devil's Throat is undoubtedly one of the most known parts, it has 80 meters high, where it is possible to observe the falls better!

The view of the Argentine Falls is unique, not feathers for being one of the 7 Wonders of Nature, but the Iguazu Falls of Argentina and Iguaçu Brazil Falls, together form this work of nature caused by a volcanic eruption. Giving one of the Seven Wonders of Nature up close, the tour of the Argentine Falls is privileged, allowing tourists and travelers to be even closer to the Falls of Iguazu Falls, even the Devil's Throat.

The Iguazú National Park offers several attractions besides the Iguazu Falls see below:

Jungle Ecological Train

The Jungle Ecological Train plays a key role in the access of the Park, as it offers incredible attention to tourists and visitors, the train has baby carriages and wheelchairs for disabled people, so that they can enjoy the ride in comfort and safety.

There are two types of ecological trains in the jungle: LPG and electric locomotives.

Direct contact with the environment is the main observation of the tour. The train runs at a speed below 20 km / h to allow the best observation of the Iguazu National Park, another very good information is that the train uses non-polluting fuel, preserving nature. The Park also has electric locomotives, an innovation that allows to continue advancing in the care of the environment. The locomotives are powered by rechargeable energy and Iguaçu Argentina is a pioneer in the use of this technology.

The ecological train departs from the central station, near the main area of ​​the Iguazú National Park. The intermediate station to the Argentina Falls, where you can access the upper and lower hikes ending the journey at the Garganta do Diabo. The latter you will have to walk 1 km.

Green Track

The Green Trail traverses a plank in the middle of the subtropical forest and offers visitors access to the service area of ​​the Falls station and the beginning of the upper and lower hiking trails. It is an area inhabited by monkeys, where you can observe birds and other animals.

Remember that it is important not to feed the animals, they have their own natural food in their habitat.

Bottom Walk

This walk offers numerous views, one more beautiful than the other! It shows the falls and jumps as well as an invitation to enter the jungle, offering direct contact with nature in a journey that provokes several sensations and a unique experience of being below the Argentine Falls.

Superior ride

This walk traverses the flat walkways with panoramic views of the waterfalls of the upper Iguazú River, privileging a fascinating landscape with different points totally accessible, to admire and to photograph! From there, you can see the heels Bosetti, Adam and Eve, Barnabé Mendes, M biguá, Two Sisters and the majestic San Martín.

Devil's Throat

You've probably heard of it, or the Legend of the Falls. This tour gives you the arrival of a few centimeters of the most imposing and abundant Waterfall of the Park: Garganta do Diabo, with more than 80 meters of free fall, the view of the Argentine side is breathtaking!

Macuco Trail And Arrechea Heel

If you like adventure this is the wildest of the trails of the Iguazú National Park. It is a walk on the dirt road in the middle of the jungle that culminates in the beautiful Salto Arrechea, with its water pool just below the jump, it crosses the territory of the monkey, which allows the pleasant surprise to see their groups in the canopies of the trees.

The entrance to the Macuco is from the 08h and goes until 15h its opening depends a lot of the climate and subject to the approval of the National Park.

The Great Explorer

This walk starts early, when the forest wakes up and the birds appear in all their splendor, you walk along a trail of the Falls to a dirt road, through the old access route, recreating the sensations that the first explorers had to experience to the discover this patrimony of nature. Along the tour there are explanatory stops, where the guide tells historical situations and information about the flora and fauna.

This activity offers an optional lunch.

The Adventurous Explorer

This already starts with an 4x4 tour plus a walk of 800 meters through the jungle. Along this walk you cross a small bridge where you can contemplate the view of the lower Iguazú River and the Brazilian coast. The walk passes through "El Salto Arrechea", with a break to rest, the adventure ends with the return to the vehicle 4x4.

Daily departures: 10h30 and 13h30.

This activity offers an optional lunch.

Jungle Lunch

The restaurant "La Selva" has one of the best gastronomies of the region, and a place for excellent for special events and lunches. The service includes a buffet and barbecue with the best Argentine meats and a variety of cold and hot dishes, as well as a table with handmade desserts, also offers an excellent variety of drinks and a wine bar with the most recognized brands of the national production.

Drinks are not included.

Full Moon Ride

The Moonlight Tour is a unique experience that happens five nights a month in the Iguaçu National Park, with three exits per night.

Before the tour begins a brief lecture by the forest ranger and the responsible guide on the standards to be followed, the tour begins with the Ecological Train of the Jungle, with a route to the Devil's Throat through the footbridges that cross the Iguaçu River, where you have an incredible view of the Argentinean Falls, each night and each exit are different, the ride can be withheld only with rain.

The ride under the moonlight has a full cost for children from 12 years. Already children between 6 and 12 years pay 50%; no charge for children under 6 years old.

The Iguazu Falls Argentina have a wide range of options for private events as well, among them are:

• Weddings;

• Birthdays;

• Tasting of regional foods;

• Wine tasting;

• Coffee breaks;

• Year-End Meetings.


• Entrance ticket to the Argentine Falls can only be purchased at the entrance of the Park;

• To pay your ticket to the Argentine Falls, you must carry Argentine pesos;

• To buy your Argentine pesos to visit the Argentine Waterfalls, the Combo Iguassu Agency goes through a currency exchange, bringing more comfort in your visit to the Argentine Falls, or you can shop at the Tarobá Hotel in Foz, which offers a currency exchange;

• Do not mess with quatis, they are cute, but they can be aggressive;

• Take water and a snack to eat during the trip of the Argentine Falls, but in case you do not take it, in the Park itself they have diners and restaurants for you;

• Because the Argentine Falls are located in another country, then it is extremely important that you take your documents (CNH, RG or Passport);

• If you are under the age of 18 to get to know Iguazu Falls Argentina, the minor must be with both parents and with their ID or passport, which are accepted documents, in the absence of a parent, it is necessary for you to withdraw a notarized authorization in a notary's office signed by the father or mother who will not be on the trip to the Argentine Falls;

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tarobá Hotel or with Combo Iguassu Agency;

To get to know the Iguazu Falls in Argentina, just contact the Combo Tourism Agency Iguassu, which will make your trip even more special and striking.

Also remembering that you can buy your transportation to the Argentine Falls and many other tours in Foz do Iguaçu with the Agency Combo Iguassu.