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Casino Iguazu

Casino Iguazú - Argentina

The Casino Iguazú founding at 1994 is located in the region of the Triple Frontier in the small town of Puerto Iguazú in Argentina. Recognized for the respected 'World Travel Awards 2011' award as one of the most important casinos in Latin America.

Casino Iguazú stands out for its biannual calendar of major tournaments in which guaranteed prizes of US $ 150.000, US $ 200.000 and up to US $ 500.000 are offered. With free admission, it becomes the escape valve for visitors looking to enjoy the forbidden entertainment in their home country.

The Iguazu Casino is one of the main attractions for those who visit the Land of the Falls, the place also has more 40 gaming tables like Roulette, Point and Banca, Dice, Black Jack, Poker and more of 200 slot machines of the last generation with progressive jackpots, video games, video rollers and mechanical rollers.

Casino Iguazú Structure

In addition to the 40 gaming tables such as Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, Craps, Point and Banking, Poker Room Texas Hold 'and the most up-to-date 200 slot machines with progressive jackpots, video games and mechanics , the Casino Iguazú also has a tournament room with capacity for up to 300 people and a VIP room that gives personalized attention to clients with absolute description and privacy!

Functioning attached to the Iguazu Grand Hotel, the Iguazu Casino has a sophisticated structure with restaurant, bars, free parking, and a designated smoking area. The Casino Iguazú attendance is provided with prepared and well-educated professionals that make the visit to the place pleasant!

Bar and Restaurants

Visitors who feel hungry during games will be well served by the Gourmet International Restaurant El Jardín and La Terraza Grill, where they will enjoy the best traditional Argentinean food. For visitors looking for a quick meal the local bar offers in addition to drinks, alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks among others.


The Iguazu Casino also hosts music and dance attractions both nationally and internationally throughout the year. Names like Zeca Pagodinho, Paula Fernandes, Alexandre Pires and Lulu Santos will be performing on the spot!

Grand Club - Casino Iguazú Loyalty Program

For those frequent visitors, Casino Iguazú has created a loyalty program with several benefits for the players. The exclusive program of benefits called "Grand Club" brings to its clients cutting-edge technology, with many promotions and advantages, and receive many more prizes in each play! The program is free and anyone can join.

Dollar, Real or Pesos?

At Casino Iguazú, the three currencies are accepted, but there are more machines that accept dollar, and few that accept pesos, limiting the use by some clients. So the best option is to take money in dollars since they are accepted by most machines. The prizes are awarded in the currency of the winner's preference, which is an excellent advantage of the Iguazú Casino.

Cafe Magic Bar

Another food option offered by Casino Iguazú, Café Magic Bar is outside the casino, but also part of the venture. Inspired by the most famous Parisian Cabaret, the bar offers a variety of food and beverage options and live music every Friday and Saturday.

Hours of Operation

Casino Iguazú runs from Monday to Friday, from 14h to 04h with a differential for Wednesday and Friday in which the operation is up to 05h. On Saturdays and Sundays from 12h until 05h on Saturdays and until 04h on Sundays.

How to get?

Located in the Argentinean city of Puerto Iguazú, next to the Luxurious Hotel Iguazú, Casino Iguazú is about 10 km from downtown Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil. Thinking about it, the Combo Iguassu offers guests round-trip transportation so that they can enjoy the evening at the Casino without worrying about returning to the hotel at the end of the night.

- Transportation is performed by accredited drivers from Combo Iguassu Agency.

- Transport on excursion, without guide accompaniment.

- Prior appointment required with at least 01 day in advance.

- Round trip values, valid for hotels within the transport route of the Combo Iguassu. Values ​​subject to consultation for off-route hotels.

- Schedules: They should be consulted with the agency beforehand.

What should I know before I go to Iguazu Casino?

For being a gambling establishment the entrance of minors of 18 years is not allowed, photos and filming are also prohibited on the spot! Being located in another country, all who wish to go to the Casino Iguazú must be prepared to enter Argentina, so be aware of the documentation required to avoid problems during your tour!

Documents needed to enter Argentina

Currently the documents accepted for entry into the Argentine city of Puerto Iguazú, are the originals with less than 10 years of shipping:

1- Civil Identity Card (RG)

2- Passport

3- CNH (National Driver's License)

With the Tourism Facilitation Agreement, CNH can now be used by both Brazilians and foreigners residing in Brazil to carry out border traffic only in the city of Puerto Iguazú, with a maximum limit of 72h. Other identification documents issued by Brazil such as CPF, Professional Identification Cards, among others, will not be accepted in Argentina.

Advantages of Casino Iguazú

- Loyalty Program - Grand Club

- Free entrance.

- Special service.

- Wide variety of gambling.

- Specific area for smokers.

- Option to choose in which currency you wish to receive the prize.

- International and national shows.

Where to stay during your trip?

O Hotel Tarobá is located in the center of the city, and facilitates the movement both for attractions of Foz do Iguaçu and neighboring countries. Enjoy! offering better customer service, as well as comfort and security for guests, the Hotel Tarobá is considered the best 3 star hotel in Foz do Iguaçu and region prizing for the good service and comfort of its customers!