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By Night Argentina

The tour By Night Puerto Iguazú, goes through the leather trade, handicrafts and precious stones, some meat and pasta restaurants, casinos, bars and typical Argentine trade.

Puerto Iguazu has 3 Casinos, as well as leather, handicraft and precious gems, which are very attractive to those who know the city. Argentina has several restaurants, ranging from the menus between the famous Argentine barbecue to delicious pasta and fish. Bars and shops of typical Argentine products like alfajores, cheeses, wines, salamis, spices and spices you find at ease

Puerto Iguazu is also known for the fair, which although rustic, appeals to visitors and locals. Especially those who want to enjoy an Argentine beer accompanied by a portion of cold or delicious Argentine empanadas.

So be buying, eating, playing, or having fun, just getting to know a little of Argentina, enjoy a nice night with our By Night!

Casino Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu has many casinos and the most famous of them is at the entrance of the country, open to all who want to know. The place is perfect for you that likes games, where with R $ 50,00 you can make R $ 500,00 or R $ 0,00 depending on your luck, or bad luck! The Iguazú Casino is attached to the luxurious Hotel Iguazú.

The Casino offers more than 34 game tables, roulettes, Black Jack, Poker, Data, Texas Hold'em with many progressive jackpots, 10 electronic terminals with traditional roulette, video games and mechanics. The Casino has a tournament room, and a VIP lounge with personalized attention and absolute description and privacy.

Children under 18 years are not allowed.


By Night Puerto Iguazú makes a stop of one of our partner in a gastronomic house of Argentina, where you know several Argentine products like sauces, cheeses, salamis, chocolates, dulce de leche and alfajores, and can taste of a tasting to choose the product What else does he like to take home?

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The main route of Argentina by the triple border is the famous fair of Puerto Iguazú, it is more visited than the casinos themselves! With a lot of gastronomy, cheeses, salamis, chocolate, alfajores, and more, the fair has become a point of those who appreciate good cuisine and quality products. If you want to know more about typical Argentine cuisine, you will love the products like salamis, olives, cheeses, wines, olive oils, alfajores and various other products. At Feirinha, there are several stalls where you can taste dishes like '' picadas argentinas '' which is a very famous entrance in the gastronomy of our Brothers, it has salamis, hams, cheese, olives and sausages, and you can not miss it. to travel to Foz do Iguaçu. In Puerto Iguazú, you have the option to pay in Argentine pesos or in reais, the products are well taken into account, it is not necessary to change by weight or dollar, but in case you prefer to change, this option will be even cheaper.

List of produtos that you find in Feirinha of Puerto Iguazú:

- Empanadas Argentinas

- Salamis

- Cheese

- Wines

- Alfajores

- Olive Oil

- Milk Sweets

- Spices and herbs, such as the famous Chimichurry

- stuffed olives

- Canned peaches

- And much more.

Three Borders Milestone - Argentina

Like the landmark of the three Brazilian borders, Argentina has also been completely renovated, it is not necessary to pay the entrance of the attraction. You can attend, enjoy the show of waters and lights, take lots of photos at no cost.

Which required documentation to take the tour By Night Puerto Iguazú?

Entry into Argentina is somewhat strict if you do not bring the necessary identification documents. To make the crossing at the Argentine customs, you can take the updated National Driver's License (CNH), identity document with less than 10 years of shipping, or the passport also updated. It should also be remembered that minors of 18 must be accompanied by both parents, in the absence of a parent, you must obtain a certificate with an international authorization, authenticated by the city notary office, authorizing the attendant to be present with the child or adolescent to the neighboring country.

Professional portfolio records, such as OAB Carteirinha, military, CRM, among others, are not accepted, since they are valid only in national territory. The accepted documents are: the CNH used as identification document for entry only in Puerto Iguazú, by Brazilians and foreign residents, for a maximum period of 72 hours (according to the Tourist Facilitation Agreement).

A night in a small town in the interior of Argentina is another option that visitors can enjoy during the experience of getting to know Argentina.

How is the Transportation For By Night Puerto Iguazú:

- Transport in tour, without accompanying guide.

- Advance booking is required at least 01 day in advance.

- The values ​​are valid for the transportation of hotels in downtown Foz do Iguaçu.

- Minimum 02 people. If you are alone you will be charged 02 people.


Every day from 17h30 back at 22h30!

- Subject to time changes on special dates such as extended holidays.

-We are not responsible for lack of documentation to enter Argentina.

ATTENTION: Transportation does not go to the Ice Bar. It is destined to the Center of Puerto Iguazú

Tips for the tour:

- Check the required documentation before booking the tour.

- The currency used in Argentina is the peso, but the vast majority of establishments accept the real and dollar.

- Enjoy this trip to do some Argentine shopping, such as alfajores and dulce de leche. They are great for souvenirs.

- Don't forget to come back during the day to visit Duty Free, a mall at the Argentine entrance with many quality products!

The Combo Iguassu take you to the best Trips of the Triple Border!

Access the site and schedule your tour in Argentina: Combo Iguassu Tourism

At some times of the year, a tourist fee of PS20,00 or R $ 5,00 per person may be charged, usually in high season. This fee is charged by the city hall for agents who stay in the main avenues of the City. Once it has been paid, you need to save the payment method, to show the agents if they want to charge again.