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Itaipu Binational Tour: 7 amazing tours you can do in Itaipu!

During your stay in the city, more specifically in Hotel Tarobá, you and your family sought the best tours in Foz do Iguaçu to make the most of your trip! With that in mind, today we bring incredible 7 attractions that are integrated into the tour. Itaipu Binacional!

For those who know nothing about the plant we explain it to you!

Itaipu Binacional is the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world! In addition to being a record breaker and efficient in electricity generation, Itaipu has several tours in its territory.

In these tours tourists and travelers from the region can admire the beauty of the magnificent construction of the plant, as well as gain a lot of learning and knowledge with the history and work that every complex of Itaipu Binacional has!

1- Itaipu Binacional - Itaipu Special Circuit:

Itaipu Binational Tour: 7 amazing tours you can do in Itaipu!

Credits: skyTakes / treeMovies

The first tour that we highlight is the Itaipu Special Circuit, to better understand the rich history of Itaipu in the Special Circuit, a short film about the construction of the Plant is shown, talking about the whole route that led to the immensity that is Itaipu Binacional today. .

The transportation through the tour is made by Itaipu tourist bus, through it you will be taken right to the center of Itaipu, to know its structure and internal and external form! The tour has prepared and bilingual guides for tourists of other nationalities!

After this attraction the continuity of the route is from the Panoramic Circuit tour!

So if you do two tours on the Special Circuit you get to know the inside of the Plant more, while complementing your visit with the view from outside the plant that is made by the Panoramic Circuit!

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2 - Itaipu Binacional - Panoramic Circuit:

Itaipu Binational Tour: 7 amazing tours you can do in Itaipu!

Credits: skyTakes / treeMovies

In our second tour, we have the panoramic visit in Itaipu!

Made with a bus the traveler is transported from the tourist center to Itaipu Binacional where he has 3 stops, where the bus makes this route:

Viewpoint of the dam: first stop, there are souvenir shops, cafeteria and a quiet space with a good view to register the beginning of the tour with beautiful selfies, there you can stay as long as you want so relax and when you want to leave. wait for the next tourist bus to pass to do the rest of the ride!

Spillway Lookout: If the spillway lookout is open, you can see the operation of the hydroelectric plant! There is a good photo environment there because it has a large sign written “Itaipu Binacional”!

At the second stop, faster than just 5 minutes, is very close to the spillway and the dam crest, where you can see the lake of Itaipu and the great work that is the Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant.

Katamaram Port: At the third stop the bus leaves visitors at Kattamaram Port, at this stop the time of stay is at your discretion.

After the round trip is made in the visitor center, where visitors leave, thus ends the Itaipu Binacional tour in the panoramic circuit!

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3 - Lighting of Itaipu Dam:

Itaipu Binational Tour: 7 amazing tours you can do in Itaipu!

Credits: skyTakes / treeMovies

At night, a light and color show is available at the spillway and dam of the plant, much sought after for its beauty of being a unique experience of seeing lighting and fireworks! In special times there are some lectures and tasting availability of local cuisine!

Very similar to the panoramic tour, the difference is that the illuminated Itaipu does not include the option of being able to go to Kattamaram port!

What are you waiting for to organize and know this amazing attraction? Come and do many tours in Foz do Iguaçu! To know more about this Itaipu Binacional tour!

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4- Itaipu Binacional - Itaipu Biological Refugio:

Itaipu Binational Tour: 7 amazing tours you can do in Itaipu!

Credits: skyTakes / treeMovies

One of the most important animal preservation and awareness sites on the Triple Frontier, the Bela Vista Biological Refuge is an animal protection site designed to provide shelter for many plants and animals displaced by the creation of Lake Itaipu.

The trip to the Biological Refugio starts from the visitor center and bypasses the Piracema Canal to the beginning of the Refugio, followed by a walk of 2 km on the trail made within the native forest where you learn a lot about environmental lessons!

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5- Itaipu Ecomuseum:

Itaipu Binational Tour: 7 amazing tours you can do in Itaipu!

Credits: skyTakes / treeMovies

Another environment focused on environmental education, while preserving the memory and history of the plant. The tour at the Ecomuseum usually takes 1 hour! There you will find explanatory texts from the museum, also translated into English and Spanish.

Inside the museum there are five rooms that tell the history of the triple frontier region from the beginning, from prehistory to the construction of the gigantic hydroelectric plant. There you will find historical articles, models and panels that explain this subject very well!

It's a great place to gain knowledge and learning about species, geography, plant structure and more! So it's worth including this attraction in your list of tours in Foz do Iguaçu!

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6 - Itaipu Astronomical Pole:

Itaipu Binational Tour: 7 amazing tours you can do in Itaipu!

Perfect for lovers of astronomy study, or for people interested in a different and interesting experience!

With explanations and teaching about space, celestial bodies, stars and so on, the Astronomical Pole has the right specialty for those who enjoy astronomy in general!

Despite being a center for astronomy studies, the Polo is one of the only ones in the country to open its doors for visitors, thus providing a great tour to learn more, the Polo has a visit to the telescope for the observation of stars, besides the planetarium providing large space travel, because that's where being taken by the stars is an amazing feeling!

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Bonus: Astronomical Pole at Night:

At night at the Polo you have a fuller experience of the tour in terms of knowledge, as at night you have a deeper lecture on astronomy as well as telescope viewing or group observation on the terrace of the Polo to identify and comment on stars. and constellations in the starry sky of Itapu Binacional.

But this tour has a reservation limit and number of people, so you must hire it in advance through Itaipu's services!

7- Itaipu Binacional - Port Kattamaram:

Itaipu Binational Tour: 7 amazing tours you can do in Itaipu!

Credits: skyTakes / treeMovies

We arrived at the last Itaipu Binacional tour, and to close with a golden key we have one of the trips that cannot necessarily be left out of your itinerary!

At Porto Kattamaram you will find small shops, a cafeteria, as well as the much sought after boat trip, which can be done during the day, but the most preferable time is the evening dusk, where sailing in the waters of the Itaipu River dazzles an incredible sunset. ! Perfect for a family trip or a couple, very romantic and prepared, even having food and drinks on the boat for those who want to eat while on the ride!

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