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Bird Park, a unique and unforgettable experience !!

Bird Park, a unique and unforgettable experience !!

The Bird Park is located near the Iguaçu Falls, in the Iguazu National Park, on this tour you live a direct contact with more than 1020 birds, with about 150 different species. Being 16,5 acres of lush Atlantic Forest maintained to form the best habitat for our animals.

This tour is a unique and unforgettable experience in which you will find incredible birds from the four corners of Brazil and from various parts of the world, many of them endangered. Enter our nurseries to feel the flapping wings of vibrant macaws and look into the eyes of a toucan. The birds are welcomed because they are no longer able to continue in nature, about 50% of the birds are seizures made by the Environmental Police, Federal Police and IBAMA. Being animals rescued from environments of ill-treatment, trafficking and illegal possession; Also received are debilitated birds that suffered accidents and pups that were delivered to the environmental organs after falling from their nests.

All animals receive a home with the best conditions for their species, healthy food, adequate environment and social life with other birds to keep it as close as possible to the environment.

At the Aves Hospital, it has high quality structure and equipment, prepared professionals who love what they do and still count on the support of specialists of international renown.

Being the team of veterinarians, biologists and handlers devote themselves daily to caring for the birds arrive. Evaluated by IBAMA as unsuitable for returning to nature, they need much more than veterinary treatment. Therefore, environments that simulate the habitat of each species are created in nurseries constructed in the midst of the Atlantic Forest, the original habitat of most of these birds.

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