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Parque Das Aves seeks to conserve the region's native cuisine in its restaurants!

Parque Das Aves seeks to conserve the region's native cuisine in its restaurants!

Parque Das Aves seeks to conserve the region's native cuisine in its restaurants!

  • The restaurants in the Bird Park
  • Native Gastronomy and use of PANCs
  • Recognizing local cuisine
  • Lowering Meat Usage
  • About the Foz do Iguaçu Bird Park
  • Watch our visit to the Foz do Iguaçu Bird Park
Parque Das Aves seeks to conserve the region's native cuisine in its restaurants!

Flamingos - Bird Park - photo provided by attractive

O Bird Park is a walk in Foz do Iguaçu simply indispensable for your city trip, and to complement your coming we have some interesting news!

A lot of people don't know, but there is a Parque das Aves restaurant and this article was made to talk a little better about these restaurants, where you can have a little mouth after enjoying all the attractions of the park!

The restaurants in the Bird Park:

Imagine how amazing it would be to be able to taste typical dishes of the region, to the pleasant sound of the birds of the park!

Well, this is quite possible to accomplish, since in the Flamingos Recanto Restaurant which is right next to Flamingos Lake, you will be able to eat and hear the singing, or sometimes screaming, birds of the Park!

Another way to enjoy good food is in the Tropicana Kiosk where in the middle of the park trail you can relax, drink that typical coconut water while eating a tasty tapioca!

Well, this is all pretty cool, but what is the difference that is being implemented in the restaurants of Parque das Aves?

Now Recanto dos Flamingos and Tropicana Kiosk restaurants are focusing on traditional Triple Border cuisine!

The two restaurants have long been offering a variety of dishes with meals and snacks, but when chef Massimiliano Casu arrived, the restaurant cuisine gained some upgrades focused on enhancing the Park visitor experience!

Massimiliano was determined to transform meals, such as salads, hamburgers, portions or typical foods etc, according to the seasons and seasons, increasingly taking advantage of local ingredients and products produced by the region itself!

Native Gastronomy and use of PANCs:

Parque Das Aves seeks to conserve the region's native cuisine in its restaurants!

Illustrative Image (Credits: Pixabay)

To engage the visitor in the dish-tasting culture, Casu, the chef, introduced unconventional food plants (PANCs) into cooking, using edible wild herbs Rich in nutrients like ora-pro-nobis, taioba, sour and more!

With a small production of PANCs, sometimes putting them in some ingredients of the dishes served, the chef also reveals:

“PANCs have always been present in Brazilian cuisine, but they are not consumed often because many are unaware of them. When we sharpen a person's sensations, we incorporate new habits and generate consumption through the experience gained. ”

Recognizing the local cuisine:

As mentioned, the dishes are produced from the supply of local producers, as valuing the culture and regional economy is the main focus of the high gastronomy of the Bird Park!

Where according to the managing director of Parque das Aves, Jurema Fernandes:

“Prioritizing local producers ensures us fresher and healthier food, strengthens the region's economy, generates less waste and waste, and preserves rural spaces.”

Thus agriculture in the western region of Parana is one of the main factors of sustainability of the regional economyAn example of this would be our traditional draft beer, which is handcrafted by the producers of Foz do Iguaçu and the region themselves!

Lowering Meat Usage:

Parque Das Aves seeks to conserve the region's native cuisine in its restaurants!

Atlantic Forest - Toucan - Illustrative Image (Credits: Pixabay)

With an old idea of ​​reducing meat consumption, Poultry Park has adopted a process to lower the number of meat used in its dishes, the cause of this is the concern with the deforestation made for cattle breeding. The main intention of this idea is to stay in as few meat as possible within the menu, until it can reach zero.

But for such a change, much public cooperation and participation is needed, as well as the need for better environmental education, explaining the importance of considerably reducing meat consumption!

Still on this, Massimiliano Casu comments:

“Much of our menu is still meat products, but we have already entered many vegetarian products that have been approved by our visitors. For example, we have black rice and mushroom burgers, pomodoro spaghetti and tapioca dices, plus our amazing best-selling jackfruit drumstick. ”

Besides being a very cool idea, since the Bird Park always defends the conservation one of the most devastated forests in Brazil, the Atlantic forest, this idea of ​​reducing meat consumption helps not only this forest but many others threatened in our country!

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About Bird Park:

Parque Das Aves seeks to conserve the region's native cuisine in its restaurants!

Macaw - Bird Park - photo provided by attractive

Founded by two bird lovers, the couple Anna and Dennis Croukamp, ​​who started this project at 29 years ago! The Bird Park began with the idea of ​​these two people who came to Brazil in order to preserve the valuable life of the birds and our Atlantic Forest!

After years of hard work and dedication, the Park currently has more than 140 species and about 1500 Birds, being an unmissable attraction in the itinerary tours in Foz do Iguaçu!

Determined to preserve and protect thousands of species, Parque das Aves is the largest Atlantic Forest bird park in the world!

Having projects focused on care and protection of the forest itself, thus united in helping the flora and fauna, the park offers its visitors unique experiences with a magnificent contact with nature!

So if you don't know Bird Park it's definitely time to meet!

Watch our visit to the Bird Park:

When backstage ride:

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Come see the Bird Park! Come to Foz do Iguaçu and surprise yourself with our city winning many beautiful experiences!

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