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Bird Park hits record of visitation in January

The Bird Park kicks off the year of 2017 in a positive way, until 31 day of January passed by the attractive about 92.704 visitors, a record for the same period in any of 22 years of park history.

The estimate for this year is that the number of visitors is as significant as 2016, by the number of holidays, which in total will be 10 national holidays or optional points and with the increase of prolonged holidays allows tourists to extend their stay in the city, visit the attraction more often.

Due to the good forecast for the year of 2017, the Bird Park plans for a considerable increase in its physical structure, according to Dr. Carmel Croukamp Denis, general director of the Bird Park, "This year we will make the largest expansion in the history of the Bird Park, with the addition of multiple new immersion ponds, in addition to of other structures.We are the second most visited tourist attraction in Foz do Iguaçu for a few years, and we are well positioned for an exponential growth in terms of structure as attractive and acting in conservation.

Some improvements are planned for this year, among them are the construction of a new store and a restaurant overlooking the flamingos lake, and the construction of two new plunge ponds, one with almost the same size as the Araras nurseries. Thus leaving the tour much more charming.

Bird Park hits record of visitation in January

With 22 years of existence, the Bird Park has attracted tourists from all over the world, however, it is the Brazilians and Argentines that stand out in the number of visitors. tourists are dazzled by the contact with more than 1300 birds, 143 species being 29 of them are in danger of extinction. The Bird Park is open every day from 08h30 to 17h.

Bird Park hits record of visitation in January

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