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Where to eat in Foz do Iguaçu? Check out 5 cafes in the city center you need to know

Any time is time for coffee! Wanting your stay in the city to be wonderful and memorable, we at Tarobá Hotel, then we have separated you coffee shops from here downtown, because then you can take a walk to know a little of downtown and still indulge in a coffee besides know some places that are frequented by iguazuenses.

1 - Coffee with Passage

Coffee and travel are different things but wonderful in their own ways, but imagine a travel agency with a coffee shop ... You do not even have to imagine, because it is exactly the proposal of Café com Passé that happens to be the first travel agency with coffee shop in Brazil . Whether to go the next trip or just to calm the mood with an espresso there is the right place, remembering that they open from Monday to Saturday from 09 to 21hrs.

5 downtown coffee tips you need to know

2 - Jauense

A well-known confectionery in the mouth of the people equaçu by its famous thigh, from the bottom of the heart: take a pass until there to eat the thigh that will not have any kind of regret or maybe just to have broken the diet, lol. Do not just think about the famous pout because the other salty, sweet and ice cream sold in the confectionery can win your heart too. Remembering them every day, from 08 to 22: 30hrs.

5 downtown coffee tips you need to know

3 - Delion Café

Besides the warm atmosphere, the price is a differential because it is extremely important! All products are presented with a scent and mouth-watering presentation just to look at! Worth a visit on account of the location and the taste of each food!

5 downtown coffee tips you need to know

4 - Bad Ass Café

Although the name is a bit "what?" There is a whole reference behind it, but we guarantee that you can not miss the place just because of the name, after all if you want a place that has vegetarian options, a good coffee and a comfortable place to be with friends or to study, you need to know Bad Ass. The place has a fantastic playlist and the comfort is so much that you spend all afternoon there, remembering that they open every day, from the 14 at 23hrs.

5 downtown coffee tips you need to know

5 - Pop Art + Black Cat Café

In addition to a cafeteria that offers vegan options, there are also options that do not contain gluten and lactose. It is a place that everyone can go to visit, after all there is food and coffee for everyone to enjoy, the brownies and cookies are great and is a great request for when you visit the place. In addition to being a coffee shop, it is also a store, you can buy t-shirts and cushions and other products, all obviously geared towards pop / cult art.

5 downtown coffee tips you need to know

Speaking of coffee, we need to tell you something: the Tarobá Hotel with a panoramic view at breakfast and on our breakfast menu, there are gluten-free products and lactose, making everyone enjoy it! Besides a wonderful coffee, we are located in the center of Foz do Iguaçu and we still have the best cost of the city.