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The Itaipu Biological Refuge was successful in the unprecedented reproduction of jaguars

O Bela Vista Biological Shelter is part of the Itaipu tourist complex, where it is an environmental protection unit, founded in the 70 years to receive thousands of animals that have been "displaced" by the Itaipu, thus, Itaipu is conducting research on seedlings of forest plants and the reproduction of wild animals, and also the recovery of degraded areas.

Attempts to reproduce jaguars began again at 2002, and only now has been successful in breeding with the nine-year-old Valente jaguars and the three-year-old Nena who has been living in captivity for three months when she was donated to the Bela Vista Refuge located in Foz do Iguacu. The two babies were born between Wednesday afternoon (28 / 12) and Thursday morning (29 / 12), both have the black coat like that of the mother who has more melanin than the father, both ounces are of the same species Panthera ounce. The baby Nena and the babies have a good time.

The Itaipu Biological Refuge was successful in the unprecedented reproduction of jaguars

The mother and the cubs are in an isolated maternity hospital, in the Roberto Ribas Lange Zoo located inside the refuge, which is being used as a reference for the reproduction of other animals such as the harpy, the tapir and the deer-bororó. The first attempt at breeding jaguars began 14 years ago with the Juma jaguar, however, if it was later discovered that she had infertility problems by her age, when Nena the Jaguar arrived if she expected reproduction to occur after a year, which happened well before this time.

Visits to the Refuge can be held from Tuesday to Sunday at times 8h30, 9h30, 10h30, 13h30, 14h30, 15h30 lasting approximately two and a half hours.

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