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What you need to know before buying your Hoverboard in Ciudad del Este.

What you need to know before buying your Hoverboard in Ciudad del Este.

One of the most sought after items in Ciudad del Este is the Hoverboard. And surely there are a lot of people getting ready to travel to Foz do Iguaçu, give a stretch to Paraguay and buy this electric skateboard that became a fever in social networks, especially the famous ones.

If this is your idea, read this post to the end!

What you need to know before buying your Hoverboard in Ciudad del Este.

The so-called hoverboards, are making the biggest success. Appearing on all the celebrity timelines on Instagram! Buying this product here in Brazil is not cheap, the value varies between R $ 2.000,00 and R $ 3.500,00. But like almost everything, there in Ciudad del Este the price falls for R $ 600,00 to R $ 1.200,00

You can check prices here: HERE

Due to the stark price difference, many people already include this item in the Paraguay shopping list.

But there is a problem, it happens that the toy is prohibited from boarding the aircraft in Brazil.

One reason for the ban is because the lithium-ion batteries of the electric skateboard can overheat, at risk of catching fire or even exploding, which is a great risk when aboard the aircraft. Another worrying factor is that it does not even need to be plugged in, since the problem can occur even with the skateboard in motion.

That is, it is not only on airplanes that the product can explode. Several netizens report cases of explosion and fire in the equipment. No need to search the internet for crash reports on these electric skates.

In Brazil, INMETRO is still creating regulations for the commercialization of the hoverboard. In the United States, manufacturers had to recall more than 500 thousand units, replacing the damaged appliances.

Due to these risks, a decision was made not to allow hoverboards to be carried on airplanes, not even as checked baggage in the cargo hold. For those who are coming to shop and thought to bring one of these, may even be an inconvenience, but it is a safety issue that needs to be respected.

What you need to know before buying your Hoverboard in Ciudad del Este.

So, be careful: do not buy your hoverboard in Paraguay, because you will not be able to ship the product at the airport. And because Foz do Iguaçu is a border town, it is not possible to send the skateboard either by mail or carrier, since everything that leaves the city needs an original invoice.

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