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What you can carry in your handbag: Instructions on what to carry in your travel bag on domestic flights!

What is a carry-on bag?

What you can carry in your handbag: Instructions on what to carry in your travel bag on domestic flights!

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Carry-on luggage is a small or not very large suitcase, purse or backpack that the passenger has the right to carry with him or her into the airplane at no cost.

These bags can be stored in the luggage compartments, inside the airplane below the seat or above the upper luggage compartment seat.

Hand luggage functionality:

You might be wondering what the main function of a carry-on bag or what can not be carried in the carry-on bag, do not worry that we will clarify your doubts now!

The handbag is for you to carry with you those essentials that cannot be far away from you. So what can go in the handbag? Examples are documents, jewelry, cash, cards, belts, glasses, cell phones, electronics and so on.

It is precisely those luggage that you cannot check separately.

Guidelines and rules permitted in a carry-on baggage:


• 55 cm (height) x 35 cm (width) x 25cm (depth) is the accepted measurement on most airlines!


By definition of ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency)

• 10 kg is the maximum baggage weight on low-cost scheduled airlines for both domestic and international flights.

• Note: If your baggage exceeds the set weight, a fee may be checked as checked baggage, so it is important to be fully compliant with carry-on baggage!


• 1 suitcase per person. Smaller bags, such as cosmetics, inside the bag are allowed!

• Airlines also release a backpack that fits into the compartment below the armchair.

• Note: Even people with babies cannot carry more than one carry-on bag, so if they really need to carry that bag, they will have to buy a seat and a ticket for the baby or child!

What can you carry in your carry-on bag?

What you can carry in your handbag: Instructions on what to carry in your travel bag on domestic flights!

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We list what you can go for in your handbag at national travel or just what you will carry in your national travel bag!

Remembering that for international travel the required baggage protocols will be special and for certain countries some objects and food are not allowed!

Check in advance the rules of your trip!

What I can carry in my handbag:

• Reading materials, books or magazines

• Small women's medicine or cosmetic bags

• Umbrella or walking stick without sharp point.

• Thin high heels

Specifying what you can carry in your handbag:


What can go in the suitcase:

• Non-prescription liquid or tablet medicines

• Essential prescription drugs in the patient's name

• If the medicine needs refrigeration the passenger should take it in the proper container for their care, as some airlines do not provide such service.

Solid Cosmetics:

What I can carry in my handbag:

• Stick or roll-on deodorant

• Lipsticks, or lip balm

• Shampoo and conditioner

Hygiene and Cosmetics:

Liquid objects, such as perfumes and colognes containing alcohol, cannot have a liquid amount above 500 ml / g

Only up to 4 vials of up to 300 ml / g for medical aerosols and atomizers are allowed:

• Toothpaste and mouthwash

• Nail polish or nail polish remover

• Make up remover

• Bath oils, moisturizing lotions

• Toners

• Facial Cleansing Lotions

• Liquid base

• Gloss, gels and hairspray

Food and Beverages:

What to pack in your national travel bag:

• Liquids and alcohol purchased from duty free air.

• Cakes, cookies, crackers, chips, nuts, chocolate, cereal bars

• Cheese

• Ham, sausages, packaged meat, canned meat and pates

• Yoghurt

• Oriental spices (liquid form, sauces)

• Soups, starch creams, seasoning powders

• Baby foods are allowed, as baby food, as long as they come in transparent packaging and in compliance with the 500 ml / g standard.


What I can carry in my handbag:

• MP3, DVD, CD

• Laptop

• Mobile phones or smartphones

• Camcorders

• GPS, pager

• Non-sharp photography accessories.

• Cameras

• Flat iron and dryer.

• Notebook

• Phone charger

• Wrist watches


What can go in the suitcase:

• Balls deflated, ie withered

• Tennis rackets or ping pong

• Skiing (Accessories such as glasses, gloves and boots)

• Diving: masks and fins

Bonus: What can I carry in my handbag too?

• Electronic cigarettes (because they cannot be shipped)

• Flowers

• Selfie stick

• Clothing such as a jacket or equivalent

• Small duty free bag

• Human thermal measurement thermometers

• Objects with blades smaller than 6 cm

• Cartridge shaver

• Musical instruments (allowed by instrument size)

• Medical or personal care aerosols

What NOT to carry in your carry-on bag:

What you can carry in your handbag: Instructions on what to carry in your travel bag on domestic flights!

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Sharp or sharp objects:

What you can't carry in your carry-on bag:

• Knives, scissors

• Axes, axes, machetes

• Razor, razor blade

• Epilators and blades

• Scalpels, syringes and needles

• Ice picks.


What can not carry in the airplane handbag:

• All types of multitool tools or universal tools

• Saw

• Nail pistol

• Screwdrivers and chisels with blade or shank greater than 6 cm.

• Car parts

• Steel cables

• Handcuffs

• Hammers, crowbar, hammers

• Knives with folding blades

• Drills

• Alarm Devices


• Ammunition, bullets, smoke cartridge

• Blowpipes, catapults, slingshots

• Crossbow

• Firearms of all types, such as pistols, machine guns and rifles

• Weapons used in martial arts

What can NOT carry in the airplane bag according to ANAC:

Flammable or explosive cosmetics and materials:

What you can't carry in your carry-on bag:

• Explosives

• Propane or butane canisters.

• Flammable Gases

• Blow torch lighters

• Detonators, fuses

• Dynamite

• Fireworks

• Grenades, mines, fuze, gunpowder

• Metal powders and similar

• Liquid fuel and other flammable liquids

• Pyrotechnic material

• Fuses, mines, grenades or similar

• flammable liquids,

• Aerosols

• Aerosol repellents

Toxic or chemical substances will not be accepted, examples:

What can not carry in the airplane handbag:

• Fire extinguishers

• Paralyzing Sprays

• Compressed gases

• Acids, sodas

• Radioactive or infectious material

• Poisons

• Chlorine

• Liquid bleaches

• Batteries with spilled corrosive liquids

What to bring in the national travel bag?

What you can carry in your handbag: Instructions on what to carry in your travel bag on domestic flights!

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Now that you know what is and isn't allowed in your carry-on, let's pack up and check in on that amazing trip you and your family want to do so much?

Taking a vacation or traveling in a free time is great, isn't it? To make it even better take time to organize your bags, with everything that needs to be shipped and everything that should be with you is essential!

Bring everything you need to use during the flight, toiletries, or health items such as an asthma inhaler or medicine you need (see rules for loading specific drugs beforehand).

Carry permissible foods, fruits or yoghurt to quell that hunger, cookies and chocolate for your children while they wait to land. Bring an excellent book or listen to music while waiting for the time to pass.

Do not forget the documents, the glasses to avoid that headache. Or other valuable objects that you like to have around, especially if it's something of comfort for those who don't like to fly or travel for the first time.

Pack your bag according to airline regulations, get everything right, board and enjoy a good trip!

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