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Marco of the Americas in Foz do Iguaçu, creates action for Valentine's Day.

To honor passionate couples, the Marco of the Americas creates special promotion for the date.

The Marco das Américas Tourist Complex (also known as Marco das 3 Fronteiras) invites everyone to participate in the photo contest, where the six best photographs taken in the attraction, win a beautiful romantic dinner at the Cabeza de Vaca Restaurant.

Everyone can participate, whether residents or tourists, with no registration fee.

Those interested should send the photo with the presence of a couple in the attraction and forward the photo inbox to the page of the Tourist Complex Marco of the Americas on Facebook (Link: www.facebook.com/marcodasamericas), providing the following data: 1) full name of the couple; 2) city in which you reside; 3) telephone and email - only for contact of the organizers; 4) title for photography; and 5) date when the image was captured.

The deadline for sending the photos is from 09 to 25 in May and the winning photos will be chosen by popular vote and by the judging committee. The winners will be announced on 10 in June.

Criteria - Photographs should meet certain requirements, such as: originality, scenery, curiosity, novelty and singular aspects of the Three Borders Framework. Each participant can send only one image - taken from professional cameras, amateurs, mobiles, iPad, among other equipment. It will also be allowed to use filters, such as Instagram, among other applications.

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Marco of the Americas in Foz do Iguaçu, creates action for Valentine's Day.