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Have you thought about buying School Supplies in Paraguay?

With the arrival of the beginning of the year, the beginning of classes begins! The arrival of the new school year implies the obligation to prepare school supplies and making the purchase of all items can be a difficult task! Besides that, searching all prices can be a bit tiresome, but have you ever stopped to think that you can do your purchases of school supplies in Paraguay?

Shopping in Paraguay is always wonderful and we know it! The most popular prices make Paraguayan stores boil during most of the year by visitors looking for more common products like electronics, perfumes or cosmetics. These products, rather than 'usual' on the list of visitors to the country, but products that recently entered the list of these visitors - and stores know this, are school materials!

With this, several stores in Paraguay prepare for the beginning of back to school bringing with them a great variety of school products, among them are the most varied models and brands, backpacks, notebooks, colored pencils, pencils, erasers, pens, everything , everything can even be found in Paraguayan stores and the best, at a much cheaper price!

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Have you thought about buying School Supplies in Paraguay?

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Here on our blog we always comment on what are the advantages of shopping in Paraguay, but it does not cost you to rethink these reasons so you rethink why you should even consider this option to buy your materials!

Firstly, products with lower prices, this you should already be tired of knowing, but rather the products in Paraguay are much more in mind! This is because, unlike Brazil, the import process is much simpler and taxes are much lower, making the value of the product much lower! Of course, there are the replicas of the products, but you should be aware of this, because it is possible to buy original products for a better price! Remember to buy products only in recommended stores so you avoid possible forgeries!

The variety of products is another factor that influences when you think about shopping in Paraguay, after all the great variety allows in more options to choose what is right for you! Another important point is the value of the dollar! In a way the price of the dollar influences yes when you are buying certain products like electronics, but depending on the situation the value is still much more in account than in Brazil, so it is worth taking a look before deciding whether to buy or not!

How to go to Paraguay?

If you are weighing in to go to Paraguay do your shopping you can not forget in any way to take your documents to be able to cross the border with tranquility! Also remember to wear comfortable clothes and wear sunscreen because you will walk a lot! Get hydrated too!

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