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Itaipu breaks record in tourism almost One Million people visited the hydroelectric plant

In the same year as the Itaipu took over the world leadership in energy production, tourism was also a landmark 955.397 visitors passed through the attractions of the Itaipu complex in 2016 being this the new record, the number exceeds the 952.356 visitors registered in the year 2013. The 2016 visitation is also 16% larger than that of 2015, considering the two types of visits (institutional and tourist) with entry by the two countries (Brazil and Argentina).

The highlight was Bela Vista Biological Shelter(RBV), which grew by 82% in relation to the year of 2015, which drove this increase in the number of visitors was the beginning of the campaign "My Refuge" carried out by climber Waldemar Niclevicz, the action encouraged tourists to plant seeds of native trees of the region. The seedlings will be used in the Itaipu reforestation program, the largest in the world by a hydroelectric plant.

Itaipu breaks record in tourism almost One Million people visited the hydroelectric plant

In total 522.003 people visited the full tour of the Brazilian margin (Special Circuit, Ecomuseum, Dam Lighting, Panoramic, Astronomical Clock, Porto Katamaram, Test Drive of the Electric Vehicle and Biological Refuge). On the Paraguayan side, the reopening of the Guarani Land Museum increased 96% visits, 207.483 tourists were attracted by entering the Paraguayan border, almost 69 thousand visited the Guarani museum that was closed in 2015, other highlights were the reduced model of the Dam and the Refuge Tati Yupí.

The Brazilians were the ones that visited the most complete of Itaipu were about 54,32%, followed by the Paraguayans that were 32%, in third place were the Argentines with 5,75% of the visitors, the Uruguayans were 1,03% of the visitors in the year of 2016. Itaipu also received tourists of other nationalities such as Germans, Peruvians, Chileans, Chinese, Americans and Spaniards completing the list of visitors in the attractions of the binational plant.

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