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Foz do Iguaçu: Bird Park and the beloved macaws in the Backstage Experience!

The Bird Park is the second most visited attraction in Foz do Iguaçu and now an Integrated Conservation Center for Species of the Atlantic Forest. Here, the visitor knows more of 1500 birds, 150 species, and is closer to several of them, such as macaws, toucans and guarás. At Bird Park, 54% of birds are rescued from trafficking or mistreatment, and their visit helps to maintain the project, which has no other resources or support.

Source: Diving Bird Park

Now, to better protect the macaws, on the main walk, we can no longer take pictures holding the macaws, as much as they are accustomed to have contact with humans, they still suffer with this approach, mainly because there are a very large number of tourists visiting the Bird Park lately.

Source: Diving Bird Park

So thinking about bird protection, the Bird Park restricted the approach to birds to the Backstage Experience, where you have greater contact with all the birds in the park. With him you experience what it's like to work inside the Bird Park, because the tour has a pass unique to feed some birds, such as the toucan and other species. Thus we see more closely how important the work they do in the Bird Park.

Source: Diving Bird Park

In addition to feeding the birds, the walk usually includes:

• Baby Station: you know puppies and understand how the Puppy Room works;

• Parrot conditioning: learn about training and its importance to birds and technical staff;

• Feeding toucans: along with the technical staff, you will be able to feed a toucan.

Source: Diving Bird Park

Depending on certain times, the tour may include one or more of these stops:

• Feeding flamingo puppies by hand;

• Accompany the feeding of a native woodpecker;

• Meet one of our threatened Atlantic Forest kites, ambassadors of their species;

• Enter the nursery of rescued passerines and feed the offenders;

• Sensory activity of touch and with a caligo caterpillar (also known as butterfly-owl);

Source: Diving Bird Park

And, at the end of the experience, you'll be taken to an outdoor deck in the middle of a butterfly garden, having the opportunity to interact quietly with a macaw, and refresh yourself with seasonal drinks and fruits.

Note: As animal welfare is the absolute priority of the Bird Park, the contents of the tour can change without prior notice!

The tour has limited seats, at times of 7h30, 10h30, 14h and 16h.

The 7h30 tour takes place when the Bird Park is still closed to the public, giving Backstage Experience participants complete peace of mind.

It lasts, on average, an hour and a half, check values ​​here.

Foz do Iguaçu: Bird Park and the beloved macaws in the Backstage Experience!

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